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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal October 2014

Last Post 1218 days 2 hours ago

Overheard in Scrub

24 October 2014 21:54:39

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‘Do you not think Lute, for his age I mean, that our Mr. Scrubber is very brave?’ asked Cherub Cymbals of Cherub Lute. ’Brave?’answered Cherub Lute ‘Well Mr. Fran would call it foolhardy and at times he has reprimanded Mr. Scrubber for taking on too much!’.’No I’m not talking about the rocks-although he was fiddling with a biggish one later on this evening. No I’m thinking how brave he was to shift a twenty year old camellia from one place to the other like he did today!’. ‘ Akshually’ chimed in Micilin Dee ‘He was acshually looking at that shrub some time ago and had dug around it to see if there wash a ‘poshibilitee of shiftin’ as it were but I had thought he had given up after that considerashion’ .‘-mation, - nation’ from Esmeralda.

‘Well I think it wasn’t entirely his idea today’ said Cherub Lute. ‘Because Cherub was quite close to him as he passed the camellia bush and I know ,when he tried again he got much closer to the roots and Cherub kept saying ‘Take it gently, ease it gently’ and that’s probably why it came up with such a decent rootball’. ‘_football, -ootball’, again Esmeralda contributing.’Pershonally Ah wash amazhed that it came out all in one piece’ said Micilin. ‘Well he had the hole dug and ready and lined with compost so it was only a question of lifting it over and setting it in and cherub was there all the time, But to your question Cymbals (Cherubs never use the first ‘cherub’among themselves, except when talking to cherub himself)’Ye I suppose it was brave ‘ ‘Yesh Mr Scrubber could have losht it altogether had the shtem snapped’ said Micilin.

‘’He looked very happy indeed ‘ this from statue scrubber. ‘Well’ said Cherub who happened to overhear, ‘by moving the Camellia across the way, that gave greater prominence to the other prostrate one. Up to this they had both been smothering each other in that corner but now they both look very well each on their own and there’s a nice bit of rough stone wall getting a look in as well’. ‘Yes it was a really good idea of Mr Scrubber’s’ said Cherub Lute giving a little smile. ’Indeed’ retorted Cherub and he was smiling as well

(Scrubber only heard the above by chance as he had been raking and disposing of mounds of beech mast in the later part of the evening. He has never seen so much. And the leaves have yet to come down. There is beautiful compost at his disposal since last year and the one before and he has been able to give the scrub a good raking. A lot of the morning went on putting in a HUGE amount of crocosmia Gracedieu. He lined one path on each side with them and also put lots in part of the wooded area that may get enough sun to bring them on. Oh and fran-that rock mentioned-It was in position and moved ever so slightly so all Scrubber did was to jam in another underneath it-no liftin’ involved. I don’t know where cherub Cymbals got his info from but there’s a new owl in a tree down there and he has a very piercing stare!)

P.S. Scrubber's camera is being used to photograph elephants at present so have had to use old pics!Sorry!

For Terri and Elizabeth

19 October 2014 16:16:06

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Terri asked me to put up some photos to show autumn colouring. Its really only beginning but I suggest these three. Am just in from lunch in Arboretum and there were heathers there for 2 Euro each!I got five but will be back. The owner Rachel told me that the conference of Nursery/garden cetre owners (She was organizer this year and managed to bring it to ireland) was a huge success-one of the best ever and that there should be palpable returns from the vast amount of energy  (she and her staff) put into it.

Isnt the news from Gracedieu heartwarming! A lovely new perennial!

The new ledge at the foot of Elizabeths corner has given stability and a better line. I have an idea for the planting. watch this space.

I see ittwelve whole days

17 October 2014 20:54:54
Shoosh descending!

Shoosh descending!

since I was here! Put it down to birthdays and a computer that is driving me round the bend and of course lots of work in the garden! Well thats a bit of a fib. Things are not in that mad rush of may june july when things overwhelm one. Actually i was out the other day, beautiful weather, autumn leaves drifting down and it was so lovely, a gentle melancholy in the air and seeping into everything.

Much of the time has been spent weding a long border and edging the grass there-speaking of edging and grass-I was in a garden last wednesday or thursday and the quality of the grass and the purity of the edging-well it was amazin@. I am not going to embarass the owners but suffice it to say i was collecting bulbs that had been left at the garage door for me by Pa..  oh I nearly let it out there!Well I was doing my bit of edging and weeding and lots of raking of leaves already and then I got an idea re Elizabeths corner and put in another ledge in it which helped support the slightly sagging baseof the corner and it now looks much better. Ill try to do a phot soon but this blessed computer is driving me bonkers at present.

Then I collected a lovely magnolia Susan in glanbia- had to save for that one despite  a generous discount and put it in in the lawn and nearby added about 150 tete a tete and down further in the scrub 25 Thalia so I am anticipating a nice spring showing! Its so nice to be working away 'Tipping away' as paddy modestly calls it and to be surrounded by such beauty-most of it natural and owing little to scrubber's work. Sometimes the joy is really palpable. True thee's going to be oceans of leaves to be collected but its no price to pay as it gives so much happiness.

Also its nice to see how all the little bits help to come together and a garden is gradually emerging-but without losing its essential wilderness so that  the odd pheasant  or fox or hedgehog is very much at home down there and so is scrubber!

You have NO idea!

05 October 2014 18:20:23
Quern after rain shower

Quern after rain shower

of the hardship involved in putting up the new photo album October 2014. Fist I had it half done and then pressed wrong button and it repeated all the picturesand then had to redo it all and just when that was done-power cut short cicuited the modem. Started again, again doubled pictures, tried to write captions and delete the doubles, wondered should i really show elizabeth's corner in its present emascerated state. (Lot of Strimming to get it back from encroaching grass, ivy etc,) The pictures acted up and thee were lots of blanks. HOWZANEVER! Its done and Elizabeth will be most merciful...I hope!!!! and the quality of the picyures aint at all great but it might just give a hint of the Scrub at this start of October and anyway it is 'Different!' as one bewildered guest who was expecting pretty flower displays managed to stutter out! Anyway I hope some people get some enjoyment out of it. Phew Id rather shift rocks any day!

Just like Elizabeth!

04 October 2014 18:19:09

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Scrubber often feels that unless people have actually visited the Scrub it must be hard to understand his rabbiting on about Bottoms and edge bed and Marian’s bed and banks and terraces. Thus yesterday he was talking about a platform in the roots of trees and the aforementioned edge bed-which runs along beside a path down near the Bottoms-again a puzzle unless you have actually seen the Bottoms in question!

So he is going to put up three pictures that should perhaps help clarify what he was talking about and then later on tonight he will try to put up a photo album-he failed miserably with his holiday ones but perhaps the computer has by now got over its hiccups.

Today although a nice sunny morning, was set aside as a day of rest or to do ‘other stuff’. Just as well as a splitting headache arrived and left after a few hours. So I will put up the three and then try for an album. Wish me luck!

Just in time!

03 October 2014 20:48:13

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‘MrScrubber is looking quite pleased with himself today, isn’t he? ‘asked Cherub Cymbals. ‘Indubishally’ answered Micilin Dee, ‘When one intenshunally manages to outwiish the weather forecasht, it can give one a great sense of happinesh!’’. ‘-Inesh, -inesh’ from Esmeralda who hadn’t quite cottoned on to what Micilin was saying. Scrubber had heard that Friday was to be very wet indeed and had got out early and got all the lawns done before the rain came in earnest. So he was indeed quite pleased.

And the day before he had been to Glanbia and got two square concrete slabs and a grevillia and an astilbe and a nice variegated pieris- Now he had intended buying some heathers, four for a tenner but that went out the window once he arrived at the bargain bench!

Home again and immediately down to the Bog Garden-by the way he is going to stop calling it that and go back to the Bottoms as it’s a more honest description!. There was one smashed slab in the middle of the squelchy path which happened when Jim and I were cutting a large branch and it fell directly on same. So Scrubber replaced that one  and put in the other where there had been a slight gap in the slabs. Then he dug a trench along the edge bed –the new one beside the path at the bottom of the Scrub and filled it with Yellow Crocosmias and Brunnera given by a generous friend who actually went out and bagged them for him before going into hospital!-and so they are all the more precious for that!

Then the astilbe went in and later above in the front of eileens bed ,the grevillia. Scrubber had had an idea in the Bottoms where four tree trunks had made a sort of square on the ground ,of filling the square with debris and clay and having a little platform but it didn’t work so he had to dig it all out again and is glad he did.

All this activity might have been inspired by a visit Anna and I made to Mount Usher last Monday. We went early and had a nice lunch there.. We walked the full length of the garden and what impressed Scrubber most this time was how closely planted it all is and yet it doesn’t seem overcrowded. There were still lots of flowers out and I was glad to see Anne’s Helianthum lemon queen which has given my own garden such a boost in the last month. We must get to another before October finishes things for a while.

In the meantime that lovely heavy rain is falling on my new bed and settling in everything much better that if I was out with the hose!


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