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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal November 2014

Last Post 1150 days 22 hours ago

Am weally waelly fwustwated!

30 November 2014 13:23:33

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Have some very nice pictures on my camera and i just dont seem to see them when I go to copy them onto computer. I wonder have i been taking duds. They are there on my camera but seem to refuse to transfer.

Anyway to get away from frustration. I have been out looking at the garden and Scrubber is of the opinion that it has 'Bones!' It looks lovely in the low winters light and the few improvements recently-Elizabeth's corner-still alas unplanted, the Carraig mor and the new stone at the end of Clare's path. Oh did I not say? Well there was a nice stone there to mark the end but the other evening I noticed while making a new bed (Josie's bed) beside the wall that leads into Scrub-after coming down the wooden sleeper steps for those of you who know the place-that there was a very big but rollable stone that wasn't really doin anything.... Luckily it was on a slight slope so was able to be rolled carefully down-just missing a callicarpa! to the new position. Then of course the one on the other side had to be moved but this was too big so plan B-excavate around it and make it more prominent worked quite well. The fact that the big one was moved gave prominence to the one behind it in the wall at Josie's bed. The frustrating thing is that a photograph would show it exactly!

At the carraig more I terraced the slope around it and planted a lot of astilbe sprite on the little ledges. This really accentuates the 'rock pool' and again I had a lovely photograph to show that!

A lot of raking and the top lawn is clear. The trimming of the beech branches was the best thin Ive done so far -thank you Cherub as it gives a focus to the edge of the lawn.

Now to get down into the scrub and rake the mountains of leaves. I leave lots where its okay to let them settle but try to keep paths and grassy areas clear.

I have an idea for five crab apples that I have reserved at their bargain price but thats for another day.

This lovely cold dry weather is such a blessing. Sorry thought that last photo was of Clare's path. Its one in the boggy part of the bottoms!

Noah's fludde

21 November 2014 22:45:58
it may look like a wilderness....

it may look like a wilderness....

Rain rain rain. Raking and composting and raking and composting and raking and composting. Two productive trips to Glanbia though! Very good value and have lots to put in when the rain stops. I sent out a dove today and it came back with a twig in its beak so perhaps tomorrow. Oh also cut grass!!! Bit sloshy but got it done.No pictures as camera left behind me! Its safe! Just put in this entry lest ye think Scrubber was swept away in the flood. Bottom of garden inundated.

How Ironic

10 November 2014 17:39:01

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Have just completed a whole lot of mainly pleasant activities, catching up on friends, celebrating birthdays, visiting grandchildren, being visited etc etc etc. and then said @Now on Monday Ill really get out at all those leaves' and  'Man proposes....' Anyway I got a bit more housekeeping done so thats a bonus and it may not rain on my next free day...?


07 November 2014 22:04:47

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Have been very remiss lately. Nothing wrong thank goodness just that the usual thousand and one things are cropping up. Hadn’t done an awful lot extra except rake and dump and rake and dump and rake and…Did a tiny bit of remodeling of wall and rocks of which I am very proud. There was a group of very big rocks by the path into the Scrub and I manouevered them into a more pleasing formation-to my eye anyway. There were two holes between them and I got the idea of inserting ferns and Im delighted. Have put in another magnolia Susan recently so I should have lovely blossom. Also got good bargain wallflower plants and put in a lot of those and also some lovely white heathers in Scrub. Ill try to put up a pic of the rock imrprovements and should be back to normal next week!

Titles dont seem to have come up. First one Rocks and ferns. 2) remodelled wall 3) Clares path remodelled wall on right,


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