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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal December 2014

Last Post 1148 days 8 hours ago

Dear Mr. Fran, you will be surprised.....

30 December 2014 17:23:49

As 2014 draws to a close.....

29 December 2014 18:33:54

May Joy light a candle in your hearts

22 December 2014 22:11:12

Back after a few days away.

14 December 2014 22:55:12

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And lovely they were! Well since Friday i have been raking and raking and raking and there are fifty steps from patio down to bottom of Scrub and thetres hardly a leaf on any of them left-until the next wind!

That stone i put in at the end of the path has proved itself because no matter from where i view it it looks right. Am relieved. Today I put in the last of the tulips- about 25 Dark purple and twenty five apricot and about twelve pink ones but not all together. Then i cut of three branches from the crab apple  golden hornet which was a brave and I hope not foolhardy move. Then I sheared off the catmint and the lavender so that rockery is tidier. There is still a lot of raking to keep me going but garden is looking as trim as its ever been at this time so Im happy.

Oh Peter's idea of three best photos was a great one. What abot THREE BEST IMPROVEMENTS in my garden in 2014.

Mine were the edging of the lawn with cut out squares-makes it look very formal and kempt!

2) The cutting of some branches from the beech trees which gave me a lovely senstion of space.

3)Possibly the planting of Hydrangeas at side of lawn-either that or re doing wall and Josies bed in Scrub.

All these things have added so much and yet cost nothing, to the overall structure-oh I forgot the top four sleeper steps- yes they added a huge amount!

We had a blazing row last night!

06 December 2014 18:49:35

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 My computer and I. Words were exchanged. I’m afraid I called it ‘a useless slow piece of junk!’ To which it retorted that ‘Like you, I am not in the first flush of my youth and cant be excpected to whizz off pages like one of these Tablets or I pads’. This happened after a long garden.ie journal had inexplicably disappeared along with its photographs and believe me it was very witty and funny and readable. That ‘humph’ you hear in the background is the machine.

We are talking to one another but very gingerly so I do hope this gets through. In brief then; yesterday I got a lot of pansies for a euro a tray in glanbia ,also some astilbe sprite which I will divide and a crab apple that I had to leave there for the present-too awkward. They are so kind down there. There was a piece of a sleeper that would have suited me as a step and I asked after it last week to be told it was left in for someone to collect. It was still there this week so ask and you shall receive, I asked. While I was out looking at the plants James made a phone call and when I came in he said ’I rang that man and he said you can have it!’  Wasn’t that so nice of him? They are all like that down there.

Well after last night’s shenanigans today was a dream day. I was up and out early and put in four hemerocallis in a border and one special one in a certain corner. It’s a red with a strong yellow centre and quite flamboyant!!! It’s a start! Then I divided up the astilbes and put them down near carraig mor. While doing so I thought it might be nice to terrace a slope there to match the ones I did a week or more ago and was very pleased with how they turned out.

Then back to Josie’s bed as there were still two rocks that were annoying me a little and with a little effort I got them very nicely aligned-well to my satisfaction. Then back up to the wooden sleeper steps and the new step went in exceedingly easily and looks very well and as you come up you are level with the lawn. Just one small step for….

Then I became Monty Don! I’d better explain. I have five box rectangles at the front of the house. Inside these I place two upturned flower pots, a plank and on the plank a meter long plastic container filled with clay. You don’t see the containers and the plants look as if they are growing inside the box hedging. Well today time to take out the old bedding and put in winter pansies. A lot of lifting and bending so I got the brilliant idea of wheeling out my potting table –yes that’s right the one I put wheels on (all by meself Fran!) Then I was able to lift my containers onto it and plant at my ease! I felt like Monty Don being so efficient and nearly found meself telling the listeners why I was putting dry  compost on the top (Snails!). I put in lots of tulips and then the pansies and then the top dressing and asked Anna to take the picture of Monty Don. Later when I saw it I was appalled at how old he looked!

I also cleaned around the base of the urn in the Walnut circle and planted about fifty tulips there and some more down near the gate. Finally I went down to where the hellebores are and found some strong seedlings and transplanted them into Josie’s bed. The difference a day makes. Apart from being disenchanted by my Monty Don picture everything else went like a dream and I came in feeling I had achieved a great deal. Actually I think I heard a ‘Well done Mr. Scrubber as I passed Cherub Lute, so I winked at him and said ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if the new terraces were your idea!’ It was dusk but I think he blushed!

My dear son

02 December 2014 17:56:10

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came in from work in the small hours this morning and immediately settled down to clear all the elephants from my camera and put them into a separate USB or Disc of their own. Bless him. So I was able to get my pictures into the computer-the ones i was writing about. Had lovely visitors over the week end who asked to be shown around the garden. Luckily most ofthe lawn was raked and the lower lawn and beds were quite tidy.

Hoped to get out today but time failed me as I was away in the morning. Anyway here are three of the pics, more to come.It was hard to get a good shot of the carraig Mor or 'rock pool. Its a large outcrop of granite and travels underground to the nearby bridge where it is part of its foundations. I have surrounded it with astilbes (Thank you Paddy) some winterfire willow and some hostas. I mad a little shelving on the far side and have lots of astilbe sprite in there (Thank Glanbia). The idea was to play with the idea of a 'rock pool' and surround it with vegetation. There are nice rough boulder steps leading down and in the rock if children find the  'footprint' and place their foot in it they will never be really lost in their lives!

The tringular stone looked nice but its replacement is far stronger and makes a more definite statement at the end of the path. The triangular one was put in a little further back.

Picture three shows the replacement but I have settled it in more into the ground by now and cleared around the one on the other side. I know the triangular one looks a better colour but trust me the biggie is an improvement.


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