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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal February 2015

Last Post 1053 days 10 hours ago

Thanks to Mrs. Mary and the weather forecast

28 February 2015 18:42:56

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‘Did ye see Mr. Scrubber go, this morning?’ ‘Achshually Cherub Cymbals I did notish an element of veloshity in his bearing this morning’ intoned Micilin Dee, ‘-oshity, -oshity’ echoed Esmeralda.’I think it was due to two facts’ said Cherub Lute to his little friend, ‘ a combination of good advice from Mrs Mary and the threat of rain by midday from the weather forecast’. Mr Scrubber had been perplexed as to when he should divide the Stipa Gigantea or Giganteeyah as the American gardener on Youtube named it! Luckily his dear friend advised him that this was a good time to do the deed.

So out he went thinking it was going to be a huge task. But the Stipa came up very easily and divided without any great effort. Scrubber found himself in the enviable position of being able to put in a few in the long border, some more in the small bed beside the rose plot, more down on two slopes in the scrub which will catch the sun and the evening light.

He was also able to weed a bit more of the long border and the bluebells that were still ‘infesting’ it were put down into dads garden so that will suit its wild character.

Then he planted his ‘valentine’ tub temporarily with yellow primulas which echoed the ones already there in the nearby side plot. There was a long whippy shoot that had come from an old bay tree root. Sometimes you hang on to something but not this time. It was taken out with a spade and set in further down the garden. Then a slight trim of the ‘Bunny’s ears’ along the wall of the long border. Oh and earlier Scrubber thought he could even up the big stone quern in the lower lawn. It was only a question of millimetres but crowbar made light of it and its fractionally better! And then, wind and rain so Scrubber gave up and went in to a delicious meat-pie! Life is good! Thanks again Mary!




Compost, cougars and sincere thanks!

27 February 2015 21:27:56

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Seems a long time since Scrubber was on and he has not really anything exceptional to report. Have been bringing up barrowloads of compost and putting them on the veg beds. Also edged beds and used clods to build up hollows on edge of lawn.  Spent one day weeding the long border and got about three or four metres done. Trimmed stipa gigantica and wonder when i can divide it? Divided a lovely fluffy Shasta daisy (had two big plant)s and now have about twelve!  Replanted  them around in the other borders. Divided a Penstemon and changed position of two roses.

Got two dwarf apple trees and an ordinary pear conference (very reasonable) and put the two apples framing a path down to scrub and the conference beside Statue Scrubber whose own bed has been a little enlarged and has had two lovely rocks (small ones) added-Scrubber spotted them at the edge of his Daughter’s garden! It ties in nicely with the old rockery.

Oh there was one sensational event! Percy pheasant has become a frequent and welcome visitor-despite the fact that he did for a nice clump of crocuses AFTER I had fed him some nice peanuts! But anyway he was feeding on the lower lawn and Shoosh was perched on a rock about five feet away. Suddenly Shoosh pounced and landed right on Percy’s broad back. It was like a National Geographic scene! However Percy exploded spontaneously and shot up in the air cursing vociferously in pheasantisch! Shoosh the killer cat was sent flying. Percy sailed through the air into the next field but---within five minutes he was back in, picking his way preciously in search of more peanuts. Shoosh decided enough was enough and let him be!

And finally; silly old Scrubber missed the lovely journal and photographs that Paddy and Mary put up after their visit to the Scrub with lady Gardener. I only saw them for the first time last night. Like all good visitors they see the efforts and ignore the lapses!!! Many thanks for coming and for putting up such an encouraging journal. Who knows? By the next time I may even have the long border weeded!

Follow on to second last journal

16 February 2015 21:22:09

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‘Wasn’t Mr Scrubber very very happy today?’ Cherub Lute.’ Oooh yesh , prodigushly so!’ pronounced Micilin Dee. ‘But then he started with rocks’ added Statue Scrubber. ‘I expect it was ‘cos he had to wait since two journals back to get into the garden’ said Cherub Lute with a hint of a smile. (Honestly he gets more like Cherub every day!). ‘Did you do it Lute? Did you do it?’ This from a very excited cherub Cymbals. ‘No not my idea this time. I think when Mr. Scrubber put in that new rock he spotted the old one doing nothing and then later as he was in the Scrub...’ ‘He saw where it would fit! ‘Almost shouted cherub  cymbals!  ‘Zackly!!!,’ cackled Esmeralda who had just woken up.

And they were correct. Scrubber had not been out for a good while and was rarin’ to go! Very first of all he moved the said rock easily enough in the wheelbarrow down to the Scrub. He shifted one rock that was there to make room for the new one. Then he cut through a root or two, small ones and set in the new rock and was thrilled-not to fine a word-to see it was a perfect match for the other two big ones. Then he put back the shifted rock and two more smaller ones and behold---the edge was exactly or ‘Zackly’ as he had imagined it would be! Joy unbounded.Filled in around it with some lovely compost.

Then up to vegetable patch and trimmed two bed edges. With the solid sods there he filled in the hole made by removing the first rock and the edge looked as though it had always been there. The remaining sods were carted over to the edge of the lawn to fill a little hollow or two at the lawn’s edge.

Filled a barrow with compost and put in Anna’s hellebore Anna Red (Many thanks again L.G.!) into big circular green pot. Put the bulbs that were in it into side border.  Then it was time to plant Anna’s dwarf apple tree. The pot was very big so I crumpled up some old plastic pots as a base-instead of usual shards of pottery or stones. Then transferred tree into a larger plastic pot and packed it with compost. I put in this bigger pot into the ceramic one, resting it on another. There was a gap around the plastic pot so I crammed in more plastic down the sides and then covered the whole lot with compost. It looks exactly as though the big red pot is filled with compost. In a year or two I’ll re-pot it on so I hope it works-never did anything like it before but think it should work. Basically the tree is in a big enough growing pot and that plastic base should work as the plastic wont be made brittle by the sun. Hope that hasn’t been too boring a description .It might be a use for all those plastic trays-six pack or eight that are lying around.

Then only remained to help Anna who was out raking the drive free of moss and swept and tidied lots of little leaf heaps.

But his day was made by how well that stone fitted into the edge. Ill put up some pictures to illustrate. Oh yes two people on the river bank were looking in and jumped at scrubber’s invitiation to view. Apparently they were both keen gardeners and really enjoyed their visit as did Scrubber.

Scrubber put up small Snowdrop Photo album

15 February 2015 21:55:17

Not a doubt about it but...

14 February 2015 22:27:03

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The workings of Scrubber’s mind is a puzzlement, even to Scrubber himself! Perhaps the gentle nudges of a certain Cherub and his lute-playing apprentice may have something to do with it. For example he recently acquired a stone that he saw in another garden-with permission of course. When putting it in he noticed one that was on the edge of a slope that he had never considered before. ‘That’s not really doing anything there’ he thought. (Scrubber thinks rocks should DO something!)

Then on another occasion he was regarding the vegetable  beds and thought he could take a foot more from the surrounding lawn and then the extra sods could be used to fill up a hollow in the lawn and also the hole. What hole? The hole when the rock was taken out.

Pass down to Scrub proper. There’s a new rough bed down there and at its edge there are three large rocks. One day while thinking of nothing in particular, Scrubber thought ‘If another rock went....’

Now things begin to fire up and Scrubber can think of little else but of trimming the edges of the beds, shifting the rock (Its an easy one!) down to that edge, filling both the hole and the hollow. Then back to more mundane but necessary matters, the filling of both big pots with a nice mixture of earth and compost,one of which will receive a dwarf apple and the other a very beautiful hellebore that Anna recently received, appropriately  named  Anna’s Red!

So you see with a mind like that is it any wonder that long borders sometimes take a very long time to be weeded and things don’t get sown in time! But a stone or rock placed to one’s satisfaction is a delight forever!---or at least until one decides it might just suit over the......

Pot luck!

06 February 2015 21:42:00

Back to the boring

02 February 2015 21:29:24

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Well, apart from percy, that is. Today he came right across to where i was working and later followed me up to the patio! peanuts may have had a bit to do with it. I got some lovely pictures of him-next journal.

Put in a hebe but feel its really too cold to be planting. So spent all my time on part of the old rockery and painstaking and boring it was. Its a lot harder than shifting rocks or planting hedges! Its all finicky and of course promising to keep it better! However i did expose a boulder thats in the grass slope beside the rockery just a little more and that cheered scrubber up no end!

A very kind friend came in and kicked the computer so it may behave itself a lot better-apparently I had myriads of photos up and ITunes stuff that all needed to be transferred. And then it has to be de fragged! Dont ask me! But it seems better.

Its cold outside when working but its nice and dry so as I cant get out for the next few days I'm glad i chanced it today. And once the rockery is done theres only the long border and Eileen's bed. And then....well I suppose its veg time? Broad beans and peas and early potatoes...... dream on Scrubber!


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