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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2015

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'Until they think warm days will never cease..

19 June 2015 21:29:27

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Yes I know that's from 'Autumn' but hasnt it been lovely these last few days? Time for those of us lucky enough to be out in it to get tidying and sprucing up! In the Scrub its time to strim away all the old bluebells and even daff growth and the forget me nots. I see Monty Don was getting them out as well. Who know this just might be the year I get 'on top of things' -just as soon as I DONT find any more rocks.

We had lettuce today! Dont laugh-its a start!And the roses are promising to be a great show at present. With all the sorrow in the papers these days we need little lifts. God help all those involved.

I am sure Busy Lizzies are not top of the most elegant or fashionable garden plants but I dont know what Id do without their cheery pink and white and red splashes of colour. I happened on them last year and this year I'm putting them wherever a bit of colour is needed. I know once they are in and watered i dont have to worry about them any more. Mind you Salvias would be lovely and far more fashionable and isnt there an Agastche-I remeber seeing them and being very impressed but buzy lizzies will keep me going and I got a bargain in Lupins-seven of them gone over but strong plants and I even expect to get some later flowers from them this year.

In the mean time-mow, weed, mow again weed again... and enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts!

Just when it didnt seem to happen any more

15 June 2015 22:02:09

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It came right out of the blue and because it hadn’t happened for a while Scrubber was taken by surprise. He had gradually enlarged a small bed beside Statue Scrubber, and had thought ‘Just one nice rock…’ But they are becoming scarcer so I think Cherub and Cherub Lute had to put their heads together for this one. First they led Mr. Scrubber literally up the garden path and as he was reclaiming a bit of soil he took out the small edging stones. Then just as he put the spade under the last he realized that it was a ‘biggie’. He decided that if it budged when tackled by the crowbar, he would consider it. If not he would be sensible. It budged and about an hour later it emerged. It was relatively easy to put it into a wheelbarrow as there was a low wall nearby and helped by both cherubs it was trundled down to the slope and slid easily and sweetly into the hole provided for it! It was so long since Scrubber had done the likes he was extra careful all the time. It suits the spot and looks as if it had been there always-which it was but about thirty yards away! But I’d say that’s the very last of them….

Now that Scrubber and Anna are officially famous!.

08 June 2015 21:09:25

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Yes my friends The Munster Express featured both of us in its august pages along with a (nice) photograph and brief account of our trip (promise I wont mention it again!) Anna was highly entertained to be described as an avid gardener!!!- please don’t think I will be getting’ above meself!

 I’ve spent the past few days mainly on hands and knees weeding, weeding and again weeding. But though June is a demanding month it is a very forgiving one, sending up flowers all over the place-ones one had planted and forgotten about (Nice simple irises for example) and even though I have lost two willow fargessi and a fremontodenron is on the blink there is so much more to delight and cajole me that the positives have the day.

We visited Kilmokea on Sunday. It is a very well set- up venue and I had a lovely lunch. We walked all the garden and it was very impressive, lots of care and attention to detail but strangely not a garden that charmed me. Now it should have and it was beautiful but somehow  the bells didn’t go off for me at all. I think I found it too diverse, perhaps too broken up. As I say it was strange because I very much appreciated the work that has been done there. I think I need a garden that brings me around rather than having to make my way and ensure I missed nothing. Altamount has that quality and so has Mount Congreve and lady gardener’s and Paddy and Mary’s  and Rachel’s and Elizabeth’s and Bill’s. Maybe I found it just too ‘busy’. But it is a lovely place to go and have lunch and wander around the seven acres surround.

The grandchildren, when giving me their present told me I could of course change it if I wanted something else. I said of course I wouldn’t-(Even if a Photinia was not the highest on my plant list). But when I saw they had paid just 40 Euro for the plant I felt they had been done. It was a big photinia but I felt a bit annoyed. I asked them if I could change as it would be lovely to have a plant from each of them and they were quite happy with that. I returned it and got two beautiful wine and roses Rhododendrons instead.  A deep wine on the underside of the leaf so I was able to say that it was very like the original. I put them into wooden buckets and have sunk the pots into the earth. I know they will eventually rot but by then the roots will have well taken. I love them and hope the grandchildren will as well. Im afraid if I had kept the photinia It would have irked me that it had cost them so much for what to me is a very ordinary plant indeed. (I’m sorry if I have also offended Photinia lovers!)

Well that aside, weeding continues. One good thing about forget me nots is that they take up a lot of space and when you pull them out a lot of the ground is clear! Was delighted that heathers held up in the Scrub and also lots and lots of astilbes-despite encroaching weeds and grasses. Am gradually getting to grips with clearing. Weeding is a pain but then if I am, like Anna an ‘avid gardener’ I must show cause!       SORRY!

The Big Secrit!

05 June 2015 22:37:35

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The big Secrit!

Well it’s finally out! And there was a lot of giggling and joking as Scrubber made his way around the garden yesterday. ‘An’ imagine he hadn’t the slightest idea!’ Cherub Cymbals chortled! ‘ Mrs Anna was really very very clever wasn’t she?’ ‘Indubishally’ answered Micilin. ‘_-shilly, -shilly’ echoed Esmeralda. Cherub was smiling contentedly as was cherub Lute and even G.Nome had a trace of good humour on the occasion.

‘But’ asked Statue Scrubber ‘How did Mrs Anna know?’ ‘Apparently’, said Cherub,’ they were both in looking around an auction and Mr. Scrubber said the only thing he really liked was ‘that’, but he wouldn’t pay that much for it!’

‘Then’, said cherub Lute, Mrs Anna told the family and they decided! ‘Was this anything to do with the birthday?’ asked Statue Scrubber. ‘Dash was the main point of the whole venshure’ interrupted Micilin Dee excitedly. ’But Mr Scrubber wash to know nuttink!  ‘ So’, continued Cherub,’ Mrs Anna went to the auction, and who was there but Lady Gardener but luckily she didn’t notice Mrs. Anna!---and on the evening of the big day Mr. Scrubber was brought out to the front door and there was a lovely big plant from his two grandchildren and ‘that’-a lovely old granite sundial.’ And was Mr Scrubber surprised?’ asked Cherub Cymbals. ‘Shtunned was the only word that would describe it. Shtunned and delahshed’ retorted Micilin.

‘And very very moved’ added Cherub ‘ because it was such a lovely gift but even more so because he realized how much he was loved’ ‘An exshtreemly shpecial moment’ said Micilin. ‘Without a doubt’ said Cherub quietly.’And wasn’t Mrs Anna the cleverest person to do all that’ giggled Cherub Cymbals. And before Micilin could answer, all together the Scrub Denizens chortled ‘Indubishally!’



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