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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal October 2015

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worth a look!

25 October 2015 23:17:56


23 October 2015 21:21:02
A reliable blue!

A reliable blue!

‘Well it was nice to see Mr. Scrubber getting down and dirty and doing proper gardening today’ intoned G. Nome. ‘If G. Nome doesn’t watch it, he will be out on the side of the road with a piece of cardboard in front of him-Garden Gnome for sale-going cheap!’  Whispered Cherub Cymbals to Cherub Lute. The latter replied, thinking perhaps of former days when he himself was inclined to the odd jaundiced comment  ‘I think Mr. Scrubber is too kind to do that, but G.Nome might just be shifted to where he will be less intrusive perhaps. Nobody is perfect.’ ‘My shentiments eggshactly ‘ contributed  Micilin who was indeed a little vexed at being upstaged by G. Nome so often. ‘Bush Mr Scrubber was engaged today in the very heart and shoul of gardening’.  ‘-art an’ –ole’ ‘-art an’ ole’ echoed Esmeralda. ‘I think’ said Cherub Lute  ’that perhaps it was a  good thing that Mr. Scrubber spent today carefully weeding the border in the lower lawn. It will look clean all through the winter and it has taken him away from those very large rocks that occupied him all week long’. Yes said statue Scrubber, and he found time to relax and enjoy the beautiful crimson of the acer Ozakazuki. ‘Indeed said Cherub who appeared suddenly as he always did in their midst.’What is this life if full of care/We have no time to stand and stare...’’ ‘ Indubishally’ chimed in Micilin ‘Tennyson always puts it so exquishitly’. Cherub allowed a small smile to play about his lips.’And Mr Scrubber also collected all the leaves which his good lady had swept up’ added the little owl so he was really gardening today!’. ‘I suppose he’ll be boasting about it to all his friends in garden.ie tonight ‘growled G. Nome. ‘Cherub ‘ asked Cherub Cymbals of the gentle one as he began to glide away ‘ Is Mr Tennyson a poet then? ‘Yes ‘ answered Cherub ‘ and so was Mr. W.H.Davies who wrote those lovely lines. ‘BBBUT MICILIN SAID’... and C.Cymbals stopped as Cherub laid a finger to his lips. ‘Nobody is perfect ,dear Cherub Cymbals’.

Only an hour

20 October 2015 22:16:19
the boulder atop its wall!

the boulder atop its wall!

That's all I had today, from five to half six. yes i know thats an hour and a half but it went very fast! I tried to level the ground behind the new boulders. Theres a little group of hawthorn around it. I dug and levelled and then put in about 120 pheasants eye daffs. which should look well late next spring and which can be seen from the old patio in front of the sitting room window. A lot of roots there but my trusty axe sliced through them. I'm quite pleased the way the new boulders and the old tie in together and taking out some ferns has given that area more definition. Its so difficult to put up pictures at present so please forgive the lack of illustration.Oh when I was trying to justify myself as a gardener yesterday I forgot I had cut all the lawns!!!! so it wasn't totally rocks.Oh look I managed to get a picture up. The bulbs are behind this area.

Something will have to be done!!!

19 October 2015 22:58:34
Seven years ago!!!

Seven years ago!!!

G. Nome was being quite obstreperous! He was growling out his opinion of Mr Scrubber's latest endeavours.Nobody in the Scrub answered as for one thing G. Nome wasn't at all popular.  Even though Micilin D. can be quite, dare we say it? pompous, but its a sort of lovable pomposity. Whereas G. Nome can be quite abrasive! Just now he was giving out because Mr. Scrubber was not, he repeated, was not attending to his GARDEN DUTIES! In fact of late it would be fair to say, he thought that Mr. Scrubber was losing it! Of course Cherub had been away for a while so things weren't running as smoothly as normal. Added to that,Mr. Scrubber, of late seemed to have committed himself to rearranging rocks that he had arranged thirty years before. Of course G.Nome had never heard Newman's 'to advance is to  change and to become perfect is to have changed a great deal'.(Neither had Mr. Scrubber until today but it seemed like a good excuse for ignoring weeding and concentrating on two  oldboulders that had got lost under undergrowth and now they sit out in the sunshine and tie in with the work done last week). He did remove some large ferns and divided and replanted them and he also edged a lot of the upper lawn's border so he didnt really ignore gardening as such...

And tomorrow he will DEFINITELY get down to weeding. He has even decided on the bed! And it was nice to overhear Micilin say to Statue Scrubber ' I think i see eggzhactly what Mr. Scrubber's intenshuns were in re-placing those large boulders.' and then ' And perhaps he might conshider re-poshitioning a certain person' but this was said in a gentle low tone and luckily Esmeralda hadn't heard him!

(That  photo is one from seven or eight years back-I'm using the laptop and haven't many photographs but thought the rocks were appropriate)

Very sorry about length of this one!

18 October 2015 20:59:11

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‘Mr Scrubber had a real smirk on his face when he came in the gate yesterday’ Cherub Cymbals said questioningly to cherub Lute. ‘That’s because he has a good friend who told him about the sale in hennessy’s Garden centre where things went for half price!’ ‘But hadn’t he been to Pat Comerfords not so long ago and got four Skimmias and a HUGE Fatsia’ continued Cherub Cymbals. ‘That was because he had a voucher from another friend’ replied cherub Lute patiently. ‘And whas’ exactly, dear Cherub Lute, did Mr Scrubber purchase at the good discount’ inquired Micilin whose ears had been buzzing and whose curiosity had been peaked by all the Scrub activity lately. ‘Cherub Lute was beginning to feel put upon but answered very civily ‘ Well I saw three small beech trees come out of the boot and three very nice Viburnum. ‘Ah’ said statue Scrubber ‘ I saw him put in the tree trees under the beech tree.’ ‘What an odd place ‘ growled G. Nome. They’ll never grow there into big trees. ‘ ‘I think Mr Scrubber knows besht’ sniffed Micilin. ‘Yes’ said Cherub who had materialized beside them. ‘Mr Scrubber used the three to finish the beech hedging off, if youll pardon the preposition’ And the viburnum look lovely down at the end of Clare’s path’ twitted the owl who could see them from his perch in the tree over carraig mor. ‘That’s also where he put the ginormous fatsia’ said G.Nome. I saw it this morning and it will soon have its white pom poms out’ .’I perschieved it also ‘ said Micilin who didn’t want to be left out.   ’-ersheev –ersheeve’  echoed Esmeralda who hadn’t a notion of what a Fatsia looked like. ‘Well’ said Cherub Cymbals ‘All that rock shifting doesn’t seem to have affected Mr. Scrubber and that corner of the Scrub is really looking very nice indeed. ‘Indubishally’ interjected Micilin before the chorus could anticipate him.’Joobishally –jubishally caroled Esmeralda.’’

Thursday  and Friday.

Went out and planted watered and composted four white rhododendrons that miraculously appeared in my car boot after a visit to Glanbia! Cut down a small thorntree that was in the wrong place and blocked a hole in the boundary! Titivated the side of Clare’s path and spent a lot of time cleaning around a rock edge, removing some clay, rearranging rocks etc. Friday morning I got out early  11 oclock and decided to finish clearing the rock.(Ten minutes).I need to get the rock back into position but it was now much lower than it had been. I decided to roll it over and bring it up another way. Failure. The I had to roll it back and began slow to raise it using smaller rocks underneath. Cherub must have gone to hazels! I had to give up in defeat at four o clock. However tomorrow I have a plan! Watch this space.! And Hazel if you are finished with Cherub I need him!

Saturday. Very sorry to be so loquacious. I have tried three nights running and two days to upload journals but the computer is acting up madly. So Ill try all of this with no pictures. The whole of Saturday was spent endeavouring to raise that pretty big boulder. Think fill of a wheelbarrow!

Hazel must have sent Cherub back because literally inch by inch we managed to raise it into position. I had to compromise and shove it in upside down but am more than pleased with the result. If I can get photos out I will. Monday morning will be spent happily tidying up and aweeping the stones and gloating over the effect! And THEN WEEDING!


and dem walls came tumbelling down!

09 October 2015 21:37:16

Thirty four years!!!

06 October 2015 21:53:03

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 Boulder 1: Thirty four years! THIRTYFOUR YEARS! I say. For thirty four feckin’ years he’s been satisfied with us. We are indeed among the very first things he placed in his precious garden!

Boulder 2: I know, I know and he was so proud that day ,having cut out the paths on the main mound and having rolled us along (he was younger then and hadn’t that unfortunate crowbar) and set us into the bank where he considered we looked ‘very natural’.

Boulder 1: Ans so we did! WE DID! And then we got covered with lovely moss and lichens and looked even  !better. And look at me now! WRENCHED out of the bank and perched perilously on the edge of the path...And I’m certain he’s not finished with me yet..

Boulder 2: Yes but at least you hadn’t the indignity I endured of being hauled out, dumped in a barrow and dragged up to the corner of the railway steps and then overturned into the bank with my undersides exposed to d’elements! De mortification of it!

Boulder1: But WHY? When we never budged despite wind and water, just stayed there like Christopher Robin’s tin soldier ‘sturdy and staunch’ year in, year out.

Boulder 2: I think it was yesterday when he stood at the top looking down and Cherub was definitely there beside him!

Boulder1: That blasted Cherub! If he were beside me now I’d I’d I’d.....

Boulder 2: Er! Boulder 1 he is!!!!!

Boulder 1: (a little flustered) Err Aghhh Gggood Aafternoon Cherub. We were just discussing....(the voice tailed off)

Cherub: Your new wonderful positions perhaps? (giving that radiant smile which would melt even a heart of granite). Boulder 2 you give that whole corner a much better sense of definition and when your, er, Underparts, have regrown their lovely moss you will enhance the perspective no end.

Boulder2: Oh do you really think so Cherub? 'Enhance' did you say? (And all the time simpering which is an uncommon sight indeed to see in a granite rock!!!)

Boulder1: That’s all very well Cherub but Mr Scrubber, as you see,has left me quite on the  ledge, or on the shelf if you please and my position is, to say the least,precarious!

Cherub: But dear Boulder 1 You hardly thought that Mr. Scrubber was going to abandon one of his most important and impressive rocks, after-was it thirtyfour years you mentioned?

Boulder1:Er ye, yes Cherub, that exactly.

Cherub: Well then Boulder 1 you can be assured that he has great plans for you also! (Turning to include boulder 2 in the warmth of his smile) In  fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted you to be the rock that squares off the approach to the big wall at the Scrub entrance. (Granite gasps from Boulder1)Or even to act as companion piece to the great rock under the pine!(louder gasps-this was a rock made eight inches higher all round by the simple expedient of removing the surrounding clay and now a dominating feature beside the path.

Boulder1: Th th the ggreat rrrrock uunder the PPINE! Did you hear that Boulder 2. I’m to bbe the companion ppiece...(his voice tailed off at the wonder of it)

Cherub:I’ m afraid you have to excuse me now as I have an appointment with Mr. Scrubber, he’s over there in Madam Elizabeth’s corner viewing some of the later rock arrivals.

Boulder 1: Er- of course of course dear Cherub. You must go to him. Go. Oh and Cherub? Dddo you think Mr Scrubber will commence the er-business of my new positioning fair fairly soon? Tomorrow perhaps?

Cherub: (Smiling enigmatically) Oh I am sure Mr Scrubber will get around to it quite soon. As you know there is nothing he likes more than setting his precious stones in their most admirable position.

Boulder 1 and Boulder2 (in unison): Oh thank you so much Cherub. That is the most wonderful news.

Cherub gave them both a last warm reassuring smile and floated serenely away towards the figure of a bent Mr. Scrubber who was scrutinizing yet another rock at the bottom of a fern in Elizabeth’s corner.


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