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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal December 2015

Last Post 753 days 10 hours ago

Last bit of work for 2015!

31 December 2015 19:27:59

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Woke very late this morning. Suffice it to say that breakfast and dinner were not widely separated! Despite a very heavy shower or two I got out after dinner and spent two hours digging and levelling the spot just above the stone steps where the Pwincesses Chair now stands. There were a good few cyclamen corms there and some snowdrops so I took them out and replanted them. Now there’s a level area there which takes the seat nicely and I look from it down a path to Carraig Mor and the river. I dream of sitiing there with a good book in the warmer days but know I will be busy then! That whole area came together, the path (grass) the edging (Stones [granite] on one side ,long pine tree trunk on other).The Pwincesses chair, the newish shrubby beds near it, the other large stones…they all make a whole with which Scrubber was quite pleased and a fitting end to 2015. The only fly in the ointment is that I have lost my camera. I’ve searched and searched and even blessed/saint Martin has fallen down on the job. I’ll have to learn to translate my pics from my phone! Anyway here’s to a great New Year and to all our gardens!

p.s. I have to take pot luck with my photos i.e. download them to journal without knowing what they are!!There were autumnal ones. I am amazed I never heard Poseidon comment on anything in the garden. maybe in 2016?

A Happyand hope-filled New Year to all Garden.iers

31 December 2015 00:24:44

Dear Friends

24 December 2015 15:01:39
Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Its nearly five years since I tapped my way into the strange and wonderful land of garden.ie and i would just like to say a big thank you to all of you. I have made many new, true and very real friends, I have been advised, cautioned, helped, given plants and slips and books. I have been inspired, encouraged, sympathised with, praised, chortled at, entertained, fed, led and corrected my past tense of 'wed' to 'weeded'!

My present garden would never have evolved had I not you all to share it with, the little triumphs ,the disappointments, the discoveries, the managemennt of rocks and boulders, My denizens of the Scrub, '-o th 'rub', '-o the rub'. Thank you Esmeralda! You have shared the rock- heaving, the arrival of the cherubs, the coming to life of Micilin 'indubishally!' and many more. You have seen changes and revisions and alterations and even revolutions! (of rocks!).

For all of this I am 'indubishally' grateful and as we near the new year of 2016 and we reflect on the blessings in our lives ,I think that that was indeed a memorable day in Feb 2011 when I decided to join one of the nicest bunch of people in any club in any part of Ireland. I'm so glad I did.

So now dear friends join with me as I wish you all, north, south, east and west a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a hope-filled and gardening-fuelled, brilliantly successful New Year 2016!


16 December 2015 19:24:53
old photo.big green bush and Pampas are long gone!

old photo.big green bush and Pampas are long gone!

The electricity has gone four times already tonight. Someone must be welding. Unfortunately it has swiped the computer each time! Today was a blessedly dry day for a change and as I had a memorial wreath to do for a very special person I was able to cut lots of greenery and do the wreath in the open air. It turned out beautifully and I was so glad. Then at my feet I noticed two little winter aconite had come out and as I turned to shout I saw that the daffodil clump was also in bloom! It’s a very early variety.

Then I went down into the scrub and raked away some ground near the stone steps and it now falls very nicely and evenly there. Its lovely when a little touch makes a big difference. I’m saving this as I go along. Four times bitten!

Then I put in 50 Thalia bulbs along Clares path (Half price arboretum) and 120 pink tulips (1Euro a packet) in Lidle or Aldi. The tulips went into the long border or ryan’s bed at the front drive. Ever since I trimmed the edges there it looks far more respectable.

Then I managed to mow the front lawn and the little upper one and the lower lawn beneath the veg patch. It was beginning to get dark so I rushed in and got the shears and secateurs and cut doen all the Crocosmia foliage-now very brown and lifted the  other things’ name wont come,-gladioli!!! So that bed at the lower lawn is a little cleaner. Then in for a hot shower and tea and down to this-though I should be doing Christmas cards!

A good satisfying days work, Oh and I edged the crinoline walk, named for Ladygardener who always says a path should be wide enough for two ladies in crinolines to walk side by side! Mind you they could only walk about 10 metres!

A dry day is a blessing indeed and may all those poor people in the west, have many of them.

A very brief brief

14 December 2015 20:49:45

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Nothing much to report as rain keeps tumbelin' down but am very pleased with the way the Scrub is beginning to take on a shape and have an idea for 54 euonymus plants I have my beady eye on! I see a carpet of the golden little one where now there is bare clay. Otherwise there are still leaves to be cleared and if I could only find my camera. has Cherub turned up in anyone's garden yet? Cherub Lute is growing into his role and yesterday when he nudged me as I wondered about the euonymus planting it was almost as if...... Ulp! Sorry am still a little wobbly on that front!

A gentle parting ...

07 December 2015 17:26:47

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‘My goodness’ exclaimed Cherub Cymbals ‘But Cherub and Mr Scrubber are really outdoing themselves lately’. ‘Yes’ said Micilin Dee ‘ There’s no end to their reschent endeavourshs.’ He was just a tiny bit peeved at not being let in to whatever was happening lately and there had really been such a lot of activity. Mr Scrubber ,under the gentle nudging of Cherub had moved a very large rock at the side of the stone steps and then again at Cherub’s urging had put in a cairn of stones beside that to act as a wall. They then placed a lovel;y dark green pot-another glanbia bargain on this mossy stone and raked the path below it very vigorously.

Mr. Scrubber thought he was finished but Cherub cleverly lead him to two other stone heaps which when added to the ‘cairn’ helped define the steps and the amazing thing was that where those stones were taken from (Sister josehine would kill me for using the preposition there) became little areas in themselves and could be planted.

But what almost reduced Scrubber to tears was the discovery of a big rock quite near another and though he couldn’t of course move it he was able to get some clay away from it and it helped shape an area just above where he had hauled the big stone two months ago.

Now finding this new stone meant a new ledge and a line and he dug it out and there was a perfect strip of clay that would take a lovely new bed and as he looked at it Cherub diffidently suggested ‘You might like to call it Cherub’s garden?’. Im afaraid I must confess I didn’t see it very clearly as my eyes began to prickle and a huge lump came in my throat as I realized that this perhaps was a parting gift to me from my dear friend : the rock, the unexpected depth of soil, the beautiful line. I choked a little but managed to get out ‘Of course dear Cherub, Cherub’s garden it shall always be. I’d be honoured’. Neither of us said anything then. We just stood there looking over the Scrub and thinking of all the little and big changes that had been made since that first Cherub’s rock incident a few years ago. And then I turned and he wasn’t there any more. Perhaps it was the best way but I shall miss him so much.

Changes afoot......

04 December 2015 21:41:14
Changes afoot......

Changes afoot......

‘Mr Scrubber’s been going around today like a blue-nosed fly’ grumbled G. Nome,’ up and down, round an about. The scrub used to be a quiet place before he got into the garden.ie racket’. The shocked Scrub denizens, all of whom had the untmost respect for garden.ie and all who subscribe to it, stayed quiet. The Cherub Lute, in a particularly authoritative voice said. ‘I am sure there’s a reason for Mr Scrubber wanting the Scrub to be at its very best over the next few weeks’. He left it at that but everyone felt he knew more than he was saying and everyone also felt that there had been a slight but definite change in Cherub Lute  these last two weeks. Cherub Cymbals was and will I think always be a sweet child , never troubled by adult cares but there was that indefinable difference in Cherub Lute.

Statue Scrubber said ’I think it was this one good day that came between such rainy windy weather’ .’You are right ,it was that, Statue Scrubber’ replied C.Lute ‘But it was more than that’ And then to Micilin Dee’s annoyance ,he left it at that. And it was true. Mr. Scrubber had had a great collecting week! On Tuesday he got a tray of six primroses. On wedesday he got the last four patio roses in Glanbia and two trays of bright Primroses. On Thursday he was in Lidle and got TEN packets of pink tulips at a euro each and on Friday he got five more primroses in the market in Borris. Today he was rejoicing at being able to be out. First the primroses went in in the border up from the gate. A bit blingy but bright and cheerful and some among the wallflowers in the walnut circle. Then down to the Scrub and another white patio rose was added to the seven or eight down among the rocks. There was a heap of small stones that he intended removing and while he was looking at the stone steps  ’I think a heap of rocks there would enhance it’ just floated into his mind. ‘Thank you Cherub, busy to the last I see’ smiled Scrubber just a little sadly. The stones were brought over and a heap became a feature!

Then Scrubber unearthed some cyclamen and the corms were as the French (I think) say ‘enormes’. So Scrubber divided them with his spade and where there wer five there will be about twenty! He was called in for a delicious dinner and when he came out he put three patio roses on the rockery. Again on a hint he pulled a large stone forward and was able to make a lovely ‘pocket’ for one of the roses and the two others he placed to catch the eye next summer.

Then it was a simple matter to get out the mower and do the main lawn, the side lawn and the lower lawn by which time the light had gone and it was time for a shower! As he went in he noticed Cherub and Cherub Lute deep in conversation and Cherub Lute very seriously nodding his head a lot. Like Micilin Dee, Scrubber was curious but thought ‘When it is time no doubt he will tell me himself’ and went in to the joys of sudsy soap and steaming hot water.



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