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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal February 2016

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27 February 2016 18:34:03


26 February 2016 22:28:40
Things are Looking up in the scrub!

Things are Looking up in the scrub!

The Scrub denizens have been very quiet lately. Its only in the last few days that the converstions are beginning to start up. ‘Isnt Mr. Scrubber gone a bit do lally on Box lately?’ (Cherub Cymbals)’Well no acshually-he purchased three planshts ti fill in where his dear friend Jim strimmed by mishtake’. ‘ And then’ said Cherub Lute ‘he realised that each of the six buxus was actually three smaller plants-he had forgotten that from last year’. ‘Ah’ said statue scrubber ‘so THATS why he was able to put in a little box hedge along Clare’s path’ ‘Pity he didn’t have it done when the important visitors were here last week’ growled G. Nome.

This was in reference to a number of VERY IMPORTANT VISITORS wh have visited the Scrub in the last week or two. First in was Ladygardener and her escort, a fine strapping young man who showed great patience and exquisite manners as Scrubber and ladygardener oohed and aahed their way around the garden. Well it was Lady gardener who did most of it as Scrubber had to be modest. And as a result of that visit theres a very precious new snowdrop among my few precious ones. Spindlesomething-the label is out beside it and as I write its wet and dark so Im not going out! Many many thanks Anne. Then a lady from Borris itself arrived and was most kind and enthusiastic.

Then the day arrived when the huge crowds descended. From Waterford and Dublin no less. All three of them! The  Scrub denizens kept a very respectful silence as two of these visitors had extremely impressive looking cameras! Even Esmeralda stayed quiet even as Mrs.Mary commented upon her. I could hear Micilin dee sniffing but to his chagrin he was ignored.Mr Paddy was the essence of graciousness and was most encouraging ‘-couragin, couagin’.And Mr Fran got down and dirty to get very striking shots. Afterwards even G. Nome growled ‘He’s very FLEXIBLE for a man of his AGE!’

Scrubber was, as always a man of great humility and before these famous ones explored his garden he brought them down to a friend’s stunning garden where the cyclamen are a luscious deep purple bedspread and the snowdrops, many and intensely varied are a sight to behold. Mr T. Showed his expertise by correctly recognising species from the opposite side of the lawn. ‘Comet?’ ‘Yes Comet’ etc. My friend is a galanthophile so I had to prise the Tobins away after the buns and coffee and back to lunch and view the scrub. All three were very generous and I am looking forward to propagating their gifts.

Then a few days later another pair of dear friends, the one a gardener and the other a genuine appreciator-the gardener was also appreciative! By now the little bits of brown were beginning to tinge the white a sure reminder to start splitting but I have a week or so left to enjoy this lovely bounty.

The one thing the visits taught me is the generosity of visitors and I don’t mean the abundance of plant present that arrive with them. But their encouragement and appreciation. They see what you are trying to do and they don’t worry about the patchy bits. Its a lovely way to approach life  and lifts the recipient, in this case me! So to all of you my deepest thanks. And here Scrubber disappears into the distance singing ‘You raise me up...’

To the dump, to the dump, to the dump

04 February 2016 22:20:25
The bones were there in this old photo.

The bones were there in this old photo.

We used to ask 'Where was the Lone Ranger going with a dustbin tied to his horses tail?'  'To the dump, to the dump to the dump!' Well we thought it was hilarious but we were very innocent children. Ask Sister Josephine! Scrubber went to the dump to the... today and got rid of a bootload of plastic pots. He came home very smug only to spot three or four more that had escaped his eagle eye! 

Now the pots had taken up residence on a small bed beside the garage and of course over the last few years the bed has 'pissapeared' as Sarah said of her cat! It was a hands and knees job and the amound of beech leaves defied description, cleverly settling around the prickly berberis bush. But I got most of them out and then used the blower! I rediscovered the lovely flat stones that were there and as there was lots of that black grass with the very long name I put in a few Cineraria plants that were still growing strongly and that I 'rescued 'from glanbia! The silver and black contrasted nicely as did the foliage. Then a few cyclamen and two heathers and behold-operation transformation. A colleague of mine used to say when she got rid of an old piece of furniture and got in a finer piece she had two satisfactions-the old gone and the new in its place so that's how I feel about this.

Now it took the whole afternoon and I only just had time to dump a tarpaulin or two of leaves and plant the two Fatsias that Mary left behind in Glanbia last week. They are fairly shook. One is a strong yellowish colour but that may be due to lack of Iron so I gave it a good feed and the other was the 'spider' fatsia variegated. I put them down in the Scrub in half shade and I hope the yellow holds its colour as it makes a brave splash. Micilin Dee would say 'a bish Gawdy' but luckily he is at present  totally taken up with the elections. 'Ekshuns! eckshuns' so it may have toned down a bit in the next week or so.

Have still a few more plants to get in and loads of leaves to rake and tomorrow morning is to be wet!! but Sat seems ok-might get lower border done.



Burstin' another gut!

01 February 2016 22:14:19
I wont see this lovely scene for a few months yet! last year's.

I wont see this lovely scene for a few months yet! last year's.

Scrubber has realised that no matter what lists he writes, the work that gets done is that which is most necessary. So that strimming and weeding often gives way to lopping  branches  or collecting debris! Recently the first item on the list was sweeping leaves from the back door-this we have both done many many times! Got that done and then turned to a new but necessary task. The collecting of the pots! So many pots of different sizes, shapes, such evidence of so many plants that no longer  exist! It was as if Mr Scrubber was the serial killer of south Carlow. But apart from that they had now become a nuisance, piling up against the garage wall and being blown around by all those storms. So the pots were sorted, collected, piled into columns and a date made for the local bring centre. This took a day’s gardening!

Then today another list, starting with the trimming of one tree. But of course it ended up with Scrubber trimming all the walnut trees on the lawn, six! Later in the afternoon they stood stark and bleak and Scrubber hopes that Spring will soften their outlook. Walnuts seem prone to disease. I see lots of red spots on the old stumps and yet from them spring fresh branches-up to six feet if not trimmed.

In the meantime snowdrops are marching out everywhere. There are two main forms and one comes about three weeks after the other and so they are all out together for a glorious two or three weeks. The lovely thing is that they are so accommodating, easily divided, and multiply rapidly and then they retire  to let other plants get on with it. I think they are much earlier this year but then we are into February so its not that early! Camera still missing. I may have to raid my piggybank! Pity Glanbia don’t do cameras!


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