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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal March 2016

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26 March 2016 17:25:36

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No of course this is not a piece of salacious titillation. Most of you, I am certain, are relieved! The limbs in question are brown, elegant and belonging to a very tall pine tree in the Scrub. There is a slope below the pine and the gnarled roots come over the ground in places. Scrubber thought it might be interesting to reveal more of them. STOP LAFFIN JACINTA! So he scraped away at the sides and the result has to be seen to be believed. An overgrown nondescript slope has now become an arresting and quite beautiful feature. He also levelled out some of the slope in places and if I can get a photo I will put it up.

The saga of the renovation of the old rockery is finally almost done. Scrubber thought it would be a matter of three days. There was one big boulder in front of another so he thought it might be nice to emphasise one and release the other. But then the one needed to be shifted a bit more and another just might be shifted a bit more and then bit by bit other rocks wanted to move  in. Actually I think it was Cherub Lute’s  first really big project and it ended up taking Scrubber about three weeks to have the rocks readjusted and the soil put back in and theres still some work to be done on the old steps involving the only bit of cement  to be used. A few little conifers helped and some hebes and once the lavenders and catmint come into flower the whole place will look beautiful.

Scrubber’s back held out and there were breaks when for example Scrubber escaped to Elizabeth’s corner and miraculously discovered that a hitherto immovable and awkward rock could be nudged and could become a fine square step down which it was easier to descend and plan for a scheme to finally give that area  the distinction its name requires. Scrubber is thinking Roses and heathers and hopes the lady after whom the corner is named, will approve!

And of course there was the exposing of limbs with which this journal began.

(Daffodils seem particularly good this year. The snowdrops were lovely but perhaps not quite as full as last years. But Spring does seem to have sprung and rhododendrons and later tulips and  bluebells are all waiting to come on stage.)

Wishing you all a very happy Easter and all the joys of the Season. (Have managed two pictures so far.(Limbs and Elizabeths corner) The new stone 'step' is the third stone on the left in the top row just iver that upturned whiteish triangular one and beside the gnarled buddleia bush. It makes a good safe step down to next level which at Scrubber's age is a necessity!

And a few days after...

11 March 2016 22:59:56

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‘’Didnt Mr Scrubber make a marvellous recovery?’ ‘-arvelloush covery, -arvelloush covery’ echoed Esmeralda. Micilin doesn’t usually needle people, far from it. But G. Nome had said some very cross things about Mr. Scrubber’s sillyness in continuing to move rocks at an advanced age (of Mr Scrubber not the rocks) and Micilin was itching to rub Mr Nome’s rather large nose in it! But he had a point as today Mr Scrubber , as they say ‘died and went to heaven’. He had ricked his back on Tuesday afternoon but had noticed the weather forecast for the following week and he was determined to get back to the garden. Resting up on Wednesday and Thursday helped and some little white tablets that Anna unearthed worked wonders so this afternoon Mr Scrubber gingerly began to shift the rocks on the edge of the rockery very gingerly and carefully.

He had built the rockery in the first flush of youth about forty years ago . Now older , wiser and more open to possibility he realised that some stones could be moved to show to better advantage. Then he discovered stones that he had just thrown in as filling and others that were sunk so deep i the ground they had forfeited their identity. (Howzabout that for a sentence!!!) so he finished up with a real treasure trove of beautiful rocks and slowly began to rebuild about three or four meters of renewed wall. There was one rock that had to fit into a hole and by lifting the top one it worked. Another dug up stone turned into a beautiful triangular lead away from some steps-I hope to show some pics tomorrow. Anyway the best part of the new wall (which looks very old-its only about two feet high) is done-hopefully for the next thirty years!

Tomorrow will be a day of filling behind the walls to ensure they don’t fall back. Ill use a lot of compost and some garden clay and then I have some nice hebes and saxifrages and will be on the lookout for more. Isn’t it amazing that six or seven big rocks can make such a difference. I know Cherub has been busy in Hazel’s and at times today I really felt I needed him but amazingly everything fell into place and Mr. Scrubber fell into no place. It was only as I was going in afterwards that I noticed Cherub Lute. He must have been there all the time and he had exactly the same gentle contented smile on his face that Cherub had. Odd that!

Not an ounce of sense!!

09 March 2016 19:14:18

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'Do you know that Mr. Scrubber hasn't an ounce of sense!' G. Nome of course trumpeting his opinion through the scrub. There was a collective intake of breath! 'Well acshually it was an exshellent idea to redistribute thoshe two big rocks on the rockery' began Micilin Dee... 'Im not talking about the bl--dy rocks' boomed G.Nome. 'He can manage the rocks!' 'Im talking about how silly he was to bend backwards to pick up that small stone to anchor the big ones. Didn't he know not to twist suddenly' Pshaw!!!'. Cherub Lute who seems to be the only one able to challenge G Nome these days said quietly but firmly'It wasn't intentional G.Nome'. And Mr. Scrubber is not as supple as he used be'. ''Even though'chimed in cherub cymbals happily 'his yoga intructress told him he was far more supple thatn he appeared to be!' ''-supple  -peared ,-supple -peared' echoed Esmeralda. [That last by the way is verifiable! if unbelievable]

The fact was that the little rock did the damamge and though he was about to spend the whole day happily rocking and rolling, instead he spent it catching up on all his paperwork and applications and stuff and only went out to 'look' and got an idea or two more. Anyway the snowdrops or snow piercers as the french call them 'perce-neige' are gone over and the daffs are out in force and its time to think about new movements of rock or otherwise. Acshuall as Micilin would say the wrench wasnt too bad and I went for a little easy swim last night and Anna gave me magic beans, well white tablets that seem to have worked wonders and the rockery will be splendid when its done.

Somehow three lovely Buddlia turned up in my boot a few days ago along with two lovely sages and two healthy heleniums. And a week previously a ton of hellebores landed in in four plastic sacks no less-I did share with my friends who are now my dear friends! so I have a lot of planting to get done and then Ill return to the rockery. Two of the buddleia seem dwarf Pink Free petite and one dark knight which could become a monster.

So I am nursing myself today and tomorrow and then i may get them in. Most of the hellebores are safely planted. Its such a joy to anticipate next springwhile enjoying this one!



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