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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal April 2016

Last Post 665 days 15 hours ago

The days of wokaways are behind me....

29 April 2016 20:48:21

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Thanks to Dick for that wonderful word. Yes I got away from walls and wokaways today and it was good to get to grips with the earth. (Literally) Tearing out clumps of grass and dandelion roots from between the roots of trees, removing forests of spreading buttercup- a decent weed, comes up cleanly and leaves a big gapof clean clay-not like that pernicious vetch with its little black threads, grr. Also was edging around bushes and clearing a border and finally managed to cut grass in lowerlawn which set off the wokawy to perfection!

I havent photos but will have tomorrow. I must confess I did sacrifice one or two daff clumps that were not quite gone over but one cant always be perfect! These are some from an old album. I love the photo of Greg and his granddaughter. It says so much. 

and as time goes on.....

28 April 2016 15:28:41

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Scrubber has been very busy this last week or so. There was a clay bank at the back of the long border. Its over 100 feet long or should that be mwters , anyway it runs from gate to the back of my plot and is about a meter wide and one part of it is always FILTHY with weeds and stuff. I decided to take it on. I had edged the back with a few big stones so I decoded to take out any remaining stones along its length and put them all into a small wall backing the border. This now looks very clean and I even ventured in under the low Juniper and cleared out there. Very dirty work and being hatless I gave my head a terrific bang off a big low branch-only discovered next day that I had drawn blood! Anna is not keen on the Juniper as I exposed a lot of trunk. I think its quite japaneesy looking and its not coming out. Its lovely though to now have a very clean area there and the new ‘wall’ is rough but looks well. Ill try to put up photograph.

Last night as I came in I noticed a new shrub in flower , a philadelphus no less and out very early. It gave me a nice boost because after the Rockery, Wall and Juniper I was fairly tired. Got a great new head for the strimmer and it is easily loaded so there will be a lot of strimming done. The snowdrops caught me out and aregone over long ago so no division this year!

The lovely Rhodo I got from my grandchildren (two in fact with lovely red velvety underleaves have each produced two candy pink flowers with which I am delighted. Ill try to put up an album. Oh the Skunk Cabbage is out in all its glory and stink and there are five white Lysichitons beside it. Same flower but white and much smaller. Life is good even if it is still raining but that will settle in the clay in the rockery!

Mr Michaelangelo Scrubber I presume!

18 April 2016 14:17:51
Looking down on the scrub

Looking down on the scrub

Funnily enough we would never have discovered Cherub Lute’s great news at the weekend had not G. Nome made the above sarcastic comment re Mr. Scrubber! It was about three weeks since he had begun work on the renovation of the old rockery and, determined to get in the last stone just right, Mr Scrubber had donned safety goggles and taken a lump hammer to a large block of granite in order to get it to fit in. It was this attempt that prompted Mr. G. Nome to say ‘Mr. Michaelangelo Scrubber apparently!’ He must (G.Nome) have had an unhappy  childhood! As Micilin  announced  one day ‘G Nome if you cant say shomethink  about shomethink  withoush denigrashing it, it might be better to shtay shtumm!’ There has been a distinct coolness in the area between them ever since though that might be because the leaves are beginning to shade over that patch again.

Anyway Cherub Cymbal’s at this stage couldn’t keep it in any longer and burst out ‘Cherub Lute got his Master’s certificate yesterday. And before a red- faced Cherub Lute could intervene, he rattled on. ‘The INSPECTORATE came last evening and they examined every inch of the rockery, every inch, and they examined the planting and the arrangement of boulders and the placing of strategic steps and thegeneral over all—‘Oh do stop it Cherub Cymbals ‘said an obviously embarrassed Cherub Lute-‘And they said’ continued Cymbals in his excitement , that it was a masterly example of imperceptively influencing a gardener (in this case Mr Scrubber) to create something ‘of lasting beauty and aesthetic excellence’ ‘-Astin’ booty ,- Sthtic  exllence ‘’ Astin’ booty ,- Sthtic  exllence’ fluted up from the Scrub.

Everybody except perhaps Cherub Lute himself was delighted with this news and even G.Nome muttered a gruff ‘well done’. Micilin poised himself for a long ‘perambulashun’ but at that moment Mr Scrubber appeared with a large clump of bergenia which he disposed of in many places in the scrub proper. ‘I never really liked thosh bergenia on the rockery’ said Micilin just loudly enough to be overheard. ‘But you shtayed shstumm , giggled Cherub Cymbals and even Micilin had to laugh.

‘Three Cheers for Cherub Lute!’ shouted Statue Scrubber ‘The newest Master!’ Cherub would be so proud’.’ I have no doubt he is’ said Mr. Scrubber as he heeled in the last of the bergenias,’I have no doubt he is!’.

Hurrah hurrah hurrah!

11 April 2016 22:54:33

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That funny sound you hear is Scrubber jumping up and down in his excitement-well in his wellies actually. He woke to a dismal dawn and almost gave up hope but then by eleven o clock it wasnt drizzling any more. Out he went and made a heap of cement but first did yet another rearrangement of one or two rocks. Then he got the little bordering wall finished and the plants back in. He uprooted some camassias for a new rock bed-it will work as they are underneath in almost a tub-needs a photo to show.

Then went back to where I had taken old rock and cleaning up there I rearranged the others and created a lovely new line in that part of the rockery! Wasn't expecting that. Later a dear friend called in and was hugely appreciative of the rockery and garden which with Rhodos and daffs and beginnings of tulips is looking well. But its lovely to be told so. Now Ill try for some pictures finally!

Does he EVER stop thinking lithogically?

10 April 2016 23:26:18

And the rain it raineth every day....

08 April 2016 16:24:13

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Lovely day, soft gentle but persistent rain advising Scrubber to take his ease. Lovely music in background. I could get used to this! Tea and red velvet cup cakes. Ah bliss. But it was earned-hard earned. The Gardening as such nearly closed down for the last two weeks with the exception of a lovely two day trip to Limerick. Why the close down. ? Rockery rockery rockery. Stones here , there, back here ,over there, Insetting new ,arranging old. The digging out of huge bergenia clumps-Anna never liked them and she was right! Transferring of same to Scrub proper. Installation of lithospermum, nice conifers (golden tuffet is a dote!) saxifrages, heathers, grasses-alll purchased at yellow pack prices, cementing in of old steps so that they don’t collapse, much walking back and forth admiring, disagreeing, changing, readmiring. Installation of heathers into Elizabeth’s newly recleaned corner. Then total surprise-gift of white roses, cinquefoil, scented, guaranteed to root well and thrive. How did the friend know that was my plan, roses (white) and heathers for elizabeth’s corner. ‘Serendipishy’! Exactly, Micilin dee! Serendipity indeed.

I am so happy with my rockery that I feel sorry for people like Mr Trump who have never planted a rose or settled a stone, and think being President of the USA is better! Oh now I know that music Finlandia-just the job for a rainy day!

Lord, save Scrubber from being a smug a---e. Let him remember the days of slipping in the mud and breathing heavily over immovable granite objects and weariness of the legs calves thighs back etc. And then he may in good conscience look forward to all the other things he can get for the rockery during the summer!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the spring which is all about us despite the rain and sharp showers.


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