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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2016

Last Post 577 days 14 hours ago

Still no photos-havent had time!!!

22 June 2016 21:29:44

Time for a bit of a moan!

18 June 2016 22:58:29

Time for a bit of a moan!

18 June 2016 22:58:28

They came, they saw, they conquered.....our hearts

09 June 2016 21:36:44

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Of whom do I speak?  The delightful  members of the Mahera Gardening Group who recently had a wonderful tour of the gardens and garden centres of Wicklow Carlow and Wexford. Not all of them of course but a selection made by their effortlessly competent and totally charming secretary Margaret J. All committed gardeners and all possessed of a great sense of humour. One of our own garden.iers  also accompanied the group and this was where Scrubber was involved. Fleurette and the above Margaret expressed a wish to visit the Scrub and as they were visiting the lovely herb garden at Kilgreaney, only ten minutes away from me it was easy to drive over and collect them-and also enjoy the very fine collection of herbs in brilliant sunshine. Obviously I couldn’t bring back the bus load but not one of them held that against me and Anna and I were invited to dine with the group as guests later that evening!

Fleurette and Margaret  did the garden and Scrub and were quite blind to all the weedy bits and full of appreciation for the magic bits. (Their words not mine!). Even though it was a bit daunting knowing that both their gardens were so wonderful yet we had a lovely time and the Scrub denizens were very well behaved even G. Nome! Micilin D was very flattered to be photographed by Fleurette.

Then we brought them back  to Carlow and joined the group for Dinner-a nicer group of people you could not meet. I was beside Margaret and on my left was Robert who showed me some pics of his absolutely pristine garden. I was relieved that he would never know the extent of the weeds in the Scrub! His delightful daughter Louise was beside him and his wife also made me feel very welcome.Anna was seated between Mary and Fleurette both of whose gardens have been featured in the Garden.ie magazine.

There were two other guests Laetitia Churchill Beauman and Jack the Sack Kellegher and while the group may have been surprised they laughed loudly when both these characters told of the trials and tribulations of being married to committed gardeners!

It was a marvellous experience Margot and Margaret. Thank you so much for your appreciation and generosity. The Scrub denizens send their most profound respects ‘especks.  Especks’ and they will remind me to get in you lovely plants as soon as possible so that we will have a lasting floral reminder of the visit!

Never get all finished!

06 June 2016 23:15:12
Never get all finished!

Never get all finished!

Even if I spent the full day in the garden-apart from a dip in the river! My good friend Jim helped me out with the hedge as it had begun to go mad and I was so grateful. I gave everyplace another cut with the lawn mower. Anna decided she would prefer calla lillies in her big red tub so the apple tree was suddenly whipped out and replanted. It never felt a thing!

I freshened up allthe circles around the trees in the main lawn and the two new figs are finally showing some leaf- not enough for a classical statue but they will grow! Its only about now that the lawn settles and begins to look well and i scufled under the beech circle so that its a lot cleaner.

No its far from perfect but should be ok for wednesday's visit! It was suggested today that people from Donegal should visit more often and id have a much cleaner garden! The forget me nots have just suddenly collapsed so I will get rid of them very soon. I always shake them around the scrub and next year I have them in all sorts of places.

I cant get out to the garden  tomorrow as I have a full agenda but will probably get in a bit more tidying on wed morning. What glorious weather! Thats an old picture as Im using the laptop and havent modern ones on it. At present there is a lot more grass there and two lovely rhodos and I have cleaned up that little juniper at the base of the big pine! Ill have to take a new photo!


Oh its been hectic!

04 June 2016 22:25:17


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