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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal July 2016

Last Post 540 days 11 hours ago

The saga (Mud sweat and tears) continues....

31 July 2016 20:48:19

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You were all so fortunate that you were not in the vicinity of the Scrub today as Scrubber surpassed himself in eccentricity. As mentioned recently a very nice rock sank beneath the mud in the rill. Well the brainwave hit today. The Mud is seriously only at most two feet deep and then its solid! So if I had waders I could get at that rock and lever it up. Alas Scrubber had not waders but the river runs beside his garden! That’s relevant as you will see. ‘What if Scrubber wore his swimming togs and stepped into the rill-I’ts not too cold it’s not too uncomfortable and the river is beside me! So he slipped on his togs and a tee shirt and got into the mud-not at all bad. People passed on the bank but he stayed very quiet so was left undiscovered. But and here’s the thing-even though Scrubber could get his hands on the rock and had it been on dry ground he could have tossed it around , nevertheless the mud sucked hard and the stone wouldn’t budge. Nothing for it then but to get himself out, easily enough-then wrapped in a towel down to the river bank where he plunged in and lost his knee- length balck mud socks and his arm -length black mud gloves in the cleansing waters of the Barrow!

You would think after that He would have acted his age but there were two well sunken rocks nearby and Cherub Lute advised me to nudge them with the crowbar-just to see! A nudge  indicated a move was possible and to make a tedious story short both boulders came up relatively easily and now help to edge the squelchy path. Al Scrubber now needs is a large head of the Buddha for one of them and I nearly got one in TKMaxx today but it had been sold. The kind lady who is used to getting odd requests assured me one would be in again so I shall be on the lookout!

So between the Rill the rocks and the Astilbes another area of the Scrub has been enhanced WITHOUT surrendering its essential Scrubbiness. It looks very natural and as soon as the grass groes back over the expnse of trodden and churned black mud it will be a veritable nirvana-(in deference to the proposed head of the Buddha).

Scrubber also managed to clear up a lot of the undergrowth and the Himalayan balsam and its now a grassy area with a number of salix siberica? And he is putting in four Purple Loosestrife as well for colour.

And now its time to weed and clean Eileen’s bed so that’s for next week! Ill try to put up some rock pictures if I can. The concrete ball is where the Buddha head will be when it arrives.

Mud mud glorious mud!!!!

27 July 2016 22:29:41

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Scrubber was very good today. Before he went to play with the mud he strimmed the terraces and the banks and the grass steps and then down into the bottoms and strimmed all around there. Heavy going. That done he treated himself. Got the shovel and crowbar and began to dig out the mud from the rill. Not easy. Then had a brainwave slipped in by Cherub Lute to shift a big rock in the bank so that it would form a bridge. Follow me closely! It went into the mud and Cherub advised me to leave it as it was and dig a channel around it-thus showing off the stone and it also answers to the other stones in what I will call the astilbe garden! Was pleased so went down  a bit further where ther was a stone acting as a bridge-big safe stepping stone but as I manouvered it it sank into the deeper mud down there-theres a picture to come and you can just make out the tip of it! Ill never get it up so I cut my losses and phoned a good young man who previously sold me fine real railway sleepers and he is to get me three five foot lengths and they will act as a bridge over the swamp! I have to wait a month though so Ill be very careful down there. Then I sawed off some big broken branches of willow and opened up a bit of space and did a lot more strimming of the ubiquitous (sister Josephine are you listening?) Himalayan Balsam. After all that I came in for a hot shower and while standing in it realised I could have gone for a dip in the river but forgot! Ill put up some pics but they are not great.

A wreath for a most special person

26 July 2016 18:32:39
Always remembered

Always remembered

I dont normally put up more than one journal but thought you might like to see the wreath I made for the second anniversary of a dear kind man whom we loved very much and perhaps never realised how wonderful he was until he died very suddenly two years ago.

I think Ill change Scrubber for Grubber

26 July 2016 18:20:44

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Have been doing a good bit of clearing. Its unbelievable the way that blessed convovolus smothers roses and even shasta daisies, Im going to keep a much sharper eye on them in future and head them off before they pounce. However I have cleared two big beds and have made room for more stuff! Have to get to glanbia, Was in Flowerpower in Kilkenny and got two lovely little conifers- a mugo and golden tuffet. They went perfectly into the rockery and two portuguese laurel which went with four others,

Ill try to get up a before and after photo of the above. Oh after all the tugging and pulling it was lovely to hit the river! And then I came up and went down to the boggy area. I have a 'rill' in the bottoms but it has turned into a drain full of messy mud! I've managed to dig out a bit more so it may yet revert to 'rill'.

Theres another area where I had some of Paddy's astilbes and some from June Blake's-doesnt Scrubber mix in august circles! and by digging around some rocks and edging some backs it has become a nice little area. Ill try for a photo,---it isnt I see a very clear one-sorry you can see the big rock on the left side and theres a ligularia in the foreground

Sorry I also made a mess of the photo album didnt manage to put in them all and wasnt able to caption them. I will improve I promise!

Life begins again!

21 July 2016 21:08:10

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Scrubber knows that thats a GROSS exagerration but after my bee stings and the fight to regain the rose beds he was tired and just a bit disenchanted but lo and behold someone sprinkled a bit of fairy dust and today got all the grass cut and the phlox for once is all a bloom along with crocosmia lucifer and bergamot and a red day lily and a frilly shasta daisy that contrasts beautifully. And I managed to get up some photos onto my new laptop. Coincidentally Scrubber threw on an old tee shirt today and after his second swim in the river today someone noted the logo on the front. LIFE IS GOOD! Indeed it was and is. Now to see if I can get up a picture or two and then 'my cup runneth over!'

hors de combat

16 July 2016 15:57:40

'I knows whose fault it is!!!'

07 July 2016 22:02:45

Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear Sooo Sorry!

01 July 2016 21:07:45

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I see I maaged to put up a 'photo album'of two photos and both the same. Very sorry I will try to get rid of it. Apparently Chrome does not work anymore in putting up albums. Ill try to see if i can squeeze in a few with this apology! The problem is I do have nice pictures just cant print them!

Was away for a weekend and then for a night and the rains came and the grass grew!!! However i did well in Glanbia and next year I shall be rich in clematis blossom!

I'm also going to nip a bit off the Ground at the carraig mor but just to enhance the shape and the stone, nothing too drastic. Paddy's astilbes are very promising and i put intwo nice ligularia in contrast. The rain was so bad today it drove me indoors!


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