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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal September 2016

Last Post 518 days 5 hours ago

Wot larks!

24 September 2016 18:59:22
getting mossed up for winter!

getting mossed up for winter!

It all began with a little rock under a huge one. I got out the little one and then two more beside it! Such riches! had a great day setting one into a bank. Then realised if I shifted some others I could create a little flat area and so managed without too much strain, putting in the last of my new stones as a finisher and then discovered another! Too big to move but couldbe and was cleared and finishes the line beautifully. I divided some astilbe and set them out, Even though my work was almost all with stones it felt as though I had done a lot.

A day or so later I got some nice Astilbes in Glanbia and will be able to divide some of them. I was given a present of a beautiful fern and that went into the new area as well.

Today has been very wet so nothing done but it gives one time to think.

On my way home from Glanbia I called into Sweeneys  looking for cyclamen. I got magnificent ones last year there and was able to divide each into four. They came back well this year. They hadnt them in stock only the usual 'bedding' ones. I did get some lobelias at 2 50 each. They will grow in time. Then I called into Dermot kehoes which seems a conglomeration of businesses hardwear, kitchen units and a small garden centre. The first thig i saw was a lovely Terapanex! Then some lovely athyriums? variegated japanese fern? all very reasonable. I had blown my allowance so will have to get back there soon!

So much of gardening is anticipation! I love bulbs/ doesnt everybody-small wrapped presents to oneself! And theres a big area just waiting to be crammed with daffs!

Sorry that the picture is in landscape rather than portrait. You have to crane your neck to see!

Before I begin I want

17 September 2016 20:55:50

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To thank all my dear friends who are convinced Im going to -pull a muscle, break a leg, twist an ankle, strain my back. I take all their advice on board and move around my garden with elegance and caution!

Got out early and went down and trimmed some branches off the big limb and dumped them at the dividing hedge. The great thing about being in the country is that you can use all these branches as fencing. That helped clear the bottoms. Please note I am not using ' My' in reference to bottoms any more as it led to misinterpretation! It was good to see them coming back. Then I made the bank down below a bit broader and found a lovely big flat rock which fitted in beautifully in making a level area-Ill try to get a picture. I divided my three primula into ten good ones and have planted those in the boggy bit. I divided a bamboo that fell into my boot (10Euro) in Graiguenamanagh last week and put one big clump into a lovely ceramic barrel type pot and the other beside the bust of Lord Buddha. I was very pleased the way the slope worked as its a nice new little area and I have put in Miscanthus Zebrina and there are two older rhodos that are set off more clearly.

As Anna was going shopping I stayed near the front of the house so got a lot of grass cut and that might not have got done because when I go down into the scrub time stands still! Now there a good bit of strimming to tidy things a bit but as I have told my dear friends whom I mentioned at the beginning Im taking it bit by bit.

I was very fortunate to get a copy of An Irish Florilegium recently on Amazon. Id say it cost me about 22 euro in all and it was for sale in Graig at the bookfair for 80! Theres a system in the post office called addresspal which enables you to have any Amazon order delivered to your post office for 3.50. You know some Amazon booksellers wont send to Ireland-well this way circumvents that. And if you arder a few books its still the same charge. I got a beautiful book on Monet's garden at Giverney and it cost in all about 5Euro!

So now I have a few more reasons to anticipate Spring! Which reminds me I must get in some daffs in the bottoms, I think they will do very well there 'beside the lake beneath the trees!'

A break from gardening

16 September 2016 22:46:03


Have been away from garden for a while but am venturing out tomorrow Sat as its to be fine. A huge branch of an old willow-practically a tree, came crashing down in my newly cleared bottoms a few nights ago and I need extra help to clear it but I will be shifting as much of the top foliage as I can tomorrow and dragging the branches to the edge of the scrub as a fence. I think when I get the main trunk cut Ill keep it in one peace as a rough seat.

Then theres a slope thats to be converted to a bank-you dig in from the top and then flatten the earth!

There are three more Primula to go in that I picked up in Glanbia and A tall bamboo that has to be placed.

Then there's grass to be cut and a border to be edged and nasturtium seeds to be collected seeing .as the caterpillars have devoured all the leaves .

Ive just learned that Viburnum opulis guelder rose suits boggy ground and its a plant I love. Future Forests have them for 2 euro each but the postage is 15! I think I might get five so that would even it out!

I just hope my energy levels are high tomorrow but Im hitting the sack soon!

A little miracle

05 September 2016 21:16:27
Nice contrast I thought

Nice contrast I thought

Well that may be  a large claim but it felt out of the ordinary. It was as you all know, a lovely day. I decided to do some simple movements that I have been doing lately. Sort of Yoga but very gentle. One of the moves involves stretching for fruit that is just out of reach and breathing in deeply. Well there i was, stretching for 'fruit' , and I opened my eyes and there on the tip of my finger was a dragonfly!!!And it stayed there into the next movement which brings the arm slowly down to one's side keeping an eye on the movement all the way. As it arrived down at the end of the movement the dragonfly flew away leaving Scrubber a bit dazzled!

However there was work to be done and I spent the day cleaning out one plot that has only roses and shasta daisies. I had cleaned it about six weeks ago but it was overgrown again. Not t0o difficult. Trimmed the roses a bit and the daisies and put in eight lovely Glanbia canations. Good strong plants which should show well next year.

Trimmed the leaves on paddy's iris and there WAS a scent of raw beef! It wasnt as unpleasant as the books say-foetodissima-0r something and got a bit more ivy off the very big ash in the bottoms. Ive also cleared up a small area which ties in well with the placing of the blue pot. Ill try for a pic. I also shifted a sambucus nigra which wasnt colouring well in shade so hoping it will do better in the lawn.

Was quite pleased. Think it might be better to concentrate on each little bit and get that done first. But I know Cherub will shoot an idea across my boughs and I'm off. However there are sometimes dragonfly moments!

And in they went

02 September 2016 21:35:47

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What a lovely morning. Scrubber went down to the bottoms and made two little sets of clay steps into actual bottoms-very simple and hardly noticeable but effective. Then he brought down a big tub of water and divided up the Primula. Got about three good plants from each. The soil was very dry-in the pots so I soaked the primula in the tub and then planted them into the boggy ground. I got about six or seven nice groupings so next spring should see some lovely sights. I also divided Paddy's Iris into nine pieces-as always it was a very generous clump. I was very pleased with the result and spent some time clearing around a rhododendron that had got into tangle with a John's wort. the resulting clearing work looked well but havent managed to take photos of todays work.

It was a lovely sunny morning and I decided before working to just sit and drink it all in for about a half an hour. It was worth it.

We were lucky enough to meet friends at the Duck (Bistro) Marlfield House near Gorey yesterday. We had never been before but will go again. The gardens even at this later season were very beautiful-lovely herbaceous borders with a clean green and white colour scheme. And two magnificent wire netting dogs that fitted in perfectly on the lawns! Unfortunately it began to rain so we had to scamper!


In anticipation!

01 September 2016 20:54:41

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I'm looking forward to tomorrow! Guess what I found in Glanbia yesterday? A lot of Primula candelabra Millers Crimson! So I lost the run and filled the boot-well there was discount as they had gone over but were quite healthy and also, lovely word, DIVISIBLE! Visited some dear friends and lo a very large clump of Iris foetidissima Citrina fell into my carboot. Went home and looked up plants for boggy soil on the rhs site and First was  Primula Miller's Crimson and Citrina is also very suitable for same! So tomorrow I am going to be in a frenzy of planting down in the Bog Garden (Bottoms) as I think I can divide each Primula into two very fine clumps. My cup runneth over.

Oh and on the advice of one of those mysterious friends ,who knows about cameras I was able to find out why I couldnt print my pics. I had misdated them. Many thanks Paddy.

So I will put up. a bit late, the pics showing the clear up of the circle and the length of the growth this year. Kindly ignore the gardening garb and concentrate on the branches!


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