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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal October 2016

Last Post 449 days 23 hours ago

Rise and shine!

29 October 2016 22:11:29

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Well I had to this morning as my dear friend Jim was coming over early to help me remove the huge branch that had collapsed across the squelchy path. My what short work a chainsaw makes of lopping. We or rather he went at it bit by bit so that we had time to consider what to save and what to remove. The blade got stuck at one stage but was retrieved. It was all done in about an hour. Removed, unwanted pieces cut up and removed, the big major part of the trunk rolled over under the doubleash tree (Two big trunks together). I couldnt have begun to do it without Jim's saw and muscle!.Bless his kindness!

Then it was time to plant the lawson cypress-yes you heard me. This one is fastigiate and a shade of grey green. I tried it in various places and wasn't pleased. It needs room to grow. Then as I was siting a stone at the top of the steps into squelchy path I realised I could take out a sceach that had rooted there and wasn't doing a lot and use the space! It worked quite well. After that it was an easy task to set the four juniper skyrockets on the terrace as the soil there is deep loam.

So Bottoms cleared, entrance to steps improved, Lawson Cypress sited, and four junipers on terrace. I then went over to contemplate the Ozakasuki! I fixed the nozzle of the hose and raked  a few leaves-a good lot! in fact and left them ready for the tarpaulin next week. Funnily enough after removing the dead overhead branches we decided to retain one or two which gave an elegant line and of course  I went and hit my head off one of the spared branches! Not at all badly but just wondered was it annoyed that I had considered removing it in the first place!

Sorry quality of the photographs isnt great, In the last one you can just see in the centre of the picture the sawn off base of the big bough-it was quite hollow. A bit too close to the ground for a nesting or owl site unfortunately, Jim suggested putting a little flickering led light into it!

Oh and by the way Jim and I saw my first daff tips peeping through today-a record for my garden!

Felix is well! (The cat who went to the vet)

28 October 2016 20:28:47

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He came home from hospital today. He should be now termed Felix Suileabhain but Ill not go into that. He was blind in that eye anyway and he is now fine and happy and up for mischief.

By some strange happening I found four juniper skyrockets needing a home and having got them home there was much toing and froing and placing and replacing. They nearly ended up under the walnut circle pointing the square. Then on the lawn edge overlooking the scrub. Then the lower lawn border, Then as i carried them down further into the scrub Cherub Lute whispered-'its behind you' Where? 'There' The TERRACE? 'try it!' so I did and do you know what it was a great suggestion and one I hadnt imagined because now as you look over that low wall there are four lovely columns almost in space. I dont know why it works but it does.

Now if Chreub Lute would suggest a place for a greyish Lawson Cypress fastigiate habit which grows to about 20 feet or more!!!! It also needed a home! The junipers grow to 2 m.

So I will be planting tomorrow and also my good friend Jim is going to lop off a HUGE branch in the bottoms that fell across the squelchy path and I hope to keep it in one piece and use it as a very rustic seat at the edge of the bottoms. I think its curve will follow the lie of the land beneath the big ash.

If I dont get the pictures of my Ozakazuki up you can look at Elizabeths in her lovely journal. I went out today and honestly it just took my breath away. It was so beautiful I nearly felt like taking my shoes off for I felt the ground I was on was holy, blessed by such beauty. And if you say Scrubber is losing it I am quite happy to do so because the way it made me feel was very close to awe and wonder and worship,Ill print this and add the pics later.

Bringing a friend's cat to hospital,

24 October 2016 19:44:39
Garden view

Garden view

he (cat, Felix) was kept in overnight! left me with no gardening time today but instead I just walked around and enjoyed the colour. Mine could never be classed a 'pretty' garden nor a 'classic ' one but its a pretty classy one when it pulls out the stops as in autumn when perfectly ordinary looking shrubs and trees decide its SHOWTIME! and flaunt everything they've got! Hope you like the album.

Looking forward!

22 October 2016 19:48:38

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If every plant Scrubber puts in comes up in Spring and later the bottoms will be transformed! There's so much that I need to be careful but still loads of space which is also important. The colour is really beginning to show in the leaves though. The liquidamber is lovely and Im awaiting Acer Ozakazuki which is a real fireball. Lot of grasscutting because grass doesnt seem to be thinking of slowing down,

How great thou art!

17 October 2016 19:38:17

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I hope the good Lord wont mind my borrowing a hymn title to describe my latest endeavour. It was only today when I began to strim my new cleared area that I realised how vast it was.Its about 100m long and about 20 metres broad-thats a very rough average as it goes in and out in places but that makes about 2000m square. Well maybe 60 meters long which still gives me 1200m sq, I was never a mathematician as SisterJosephine used avow to every visiting inspector or even  a sister looking for a school of thread,'Scrubber will never upset the stock exchange' she used intone. I thought it was something like jesus upsetting the tables in the temple so I let it sink into oblivion like so many other things, multiplication tables, proper way to address a bishop, always wash you hands after rubbing a dog!!!!

But even though its a huge space its a very serene one, presided over by Lord Buddha who gives a sense of calm to the place.The space is quite empty at present but I think thats not a bad thing. I dont want to divide it up into lots of areas but I am going to let the space dictate the pace-now there's a clever phrase! Sr Jo I hope you noticed! and work in things as I see them or as a place suggests them, Did you see that garden in the mag this month where they planted 30,000 plants in a fortnight! Im sure its lovely but that way lies Bankrupcy!

I have put in two new Tetrapanex, loads of bulbs (two packets!) purple loosetrife, some of Paddy's irises and lots of his Lily of the valley. Lots of Lobelia, and next month five guelder roses and anything else I can spot in Glanbia Sweeneys and Kehoes. I pass these places once a week so the temptation is always at hand, I splurged on a big Eleagnus last week, About 15 Euro but as I said in my last blog there was a miserable specimen in Mr Middletons for about 8,75! and this one had a lovely thin edging of gold against the dark green, Having splurged I shouldnt have dropped into Kehoes-I also did Sweeneys but he hadnt the cyclamen I wanted-with great big corms and in Kehoes there were two rosa glauca at 595 each reduced by a third and a lovely Japanese Fern for 6,75. I thought Id get those the following week but when I got home I found them in the back of the boot somehow!

I have learned that Daylilies like boggy ground and I have HUGE clumps of same so I shall divide and plant them in drifts.A lot to keep me going. I spent a long time strimming today and it was very satisfying. The only thing is will Scrubber be able to keep up with everything? I know some people do very successfully (We wont mention names or embarrass them but Sister Josephine never gave us classes on Juggling so I may be at a bit of a loss!

Ps you can just see back of Lord Buddha's head to the right in middle picture

Very simple day today

12 October 2016 20:38:21
Just a green thought in a green world

Just a green thought in a green world

Spent the day planting Lily of the Valley in boggy area. Also planted 8kgs of daffodils also in boggy area. Its a gamble I think but it might just pay off. After all Wordsworth wrote 'beside the lake beneath the trees!!! Also fifty Fritillary meleagris. I got them in Mr Middleton's shop last tuesday. And two large Yucca. I find if I just cut them out from the main stem and stick them straight into boggy ground they take no bother! They contrast well with leafier plants,

Will soon have to start thinking about raking up the leaves and then doing it! But its been great fun exposing the bottoms and planting up a whole new area.

I know the photo doesnt show much evidence of gardening but it shows that even in an ordinary garden there can be moments of wilderness and for Scrubber at any rate -magic!

Hope tomorrow is suitable for planting

09 October 2016 21:31:36
Summer memory

Summer memory

Scrubber was very lucky recently while hunting down another of those dangerous Tetrapanex's in Kehoes he saw some lobelia languishing in a corner. Obviously well past their best and surely due to be mulched so he got them for a song. No Fran it wasn't Buddy can you spare a dime'! There were nine. He also got daffs in Glanbia and Kehoes so tomorrow morning hopefully he will get them in.

What the icing on the cake consisted of: Well I was visiting a certain garden near a bridge, by a river. The garden was so beautiful even at this time of the year. To sum it up in a word 'KEMPT' I told the owners that their beautiful garden inspired and dispirited me at the same time.One of them giggled and the other gave a noncommital grunt. Still lots of colour-asters little Carlow and Monch both contributing, splashes of colchicums, hebes in flower, an exquisite bush with white berries ruined for me by one owner liking them to dolls eyes! I couldnt get the image out of my mind!And then departing with a bootload of goodies, Lilyof the valley, Bergenia, and a beautiful Primrose-enough to give me a beautiful spread of them next spring.Of course I cannot divulge where I was! Like Mary Davies who never actually names the places she visits in her garden mag column! But many thanks indeed to my generous friends,

So tomorrow the boot contents also go in. Hope Scrubber's energy is up to it! 

Out and about

05 October 2016 23:02:31
A few late roses

A few late roses

' Nice to see Mr Scrubber out and about again, dividin' Astilbes and Rodgersia and puttin' in that new Tetrapanex and the two Japaneses ferns' said Statue Scrubber who is beginning to learn a lot of names lately. He bamboozled Micilin Dee with Athyrium Nipponicum lately. Of Course Micilin knew exzhactly whazh he meant but was relieved when statue scrubber pointed them out. You wouldnt see Statue Scrubbers arm move of course unless you were in Scrubtime!

'Of course' intoned G Nome in a most lugubrious voice 'He couldnt leave that boulder he found last friday in the Bottoms path, alone' ' But G. Nome' explained Micilin Aczhuall he reshisted moving it an he shimply exposhed it a little to de elementsh' '-ements, -ements' echoed Esmeralda. 'I conshider it looks very shtriking there' 'Look Its a rock in a grassy path' Dont get carried away!' rebuffed G. Nome! Micileen got on his high horse and the voice went up a few tones. I ashhhsure you I have NO intenshun of , as you say,geshing carried away' I merely shtated dat it wash an improvement and the resht of the path benefitted as the sides were shraitened and made more definite!!!'

'I believe' said Cherub Lute 'that Mr Scrubber has designs on Viburnum Opulus whic as the wayfarer tree should really suit the bottoms'. 'I gueshh shomeone had a hand in that'said Micilin but he was mollified by Cherub Lute's sharing the news, 'Cherub Lute smiled and Micilin noted to himshelf how very like Cherub, Cherub Lute was when he smiled.

Mr Scrubber had indeed spent a good while and a few strenuous  moments organising that path this morning but it was so worth it as it all fitted in well with the overall plan. Not that HE knew where it was going to end up but when whispers come on the wind, gentle lutelike whispers, one has to ignore the G Nomish comments and simply go for it.

And then it was necessary to cut the very long lawn grass so Mr Scrubbers legs were a bit wobbly when he went in that evening. There is a wonderful phrase by Kafka 'Paths are made by walking' Its a very deep concept. Mr Scrubber hopes he doesn't trivialise it when he says 'Paths are also made by working!' Eggzhactly!

P.S. For some reason my pics wont come up. Ive tried twice!Sorry!


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