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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal November 2016

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26 November 2016 18:26:58

And tomorrow Monday....

13 November 2016 17:53:25
Junipers Skyrocket on banks

Junipers Skyrocket on banks

Well Scrubber has a tiny bit of trimming to do on the Junipers and a little wall bordering the lower lawn has been invaded by ivy so that has to be cut back-remember the ivy Jacinta had to attack well Scrubbers  is nothing like that. He fixed his hose today-painful that! It had become very tempramental and drownded-yes drownded as we say in Waterford- me many times and sometimes the head would go shooting off into the bushes but I got some sealing tape on the threads of the joining bit and it worked.And Elizabeths corner must be seriously looked at!

Then theres a long wet narrow border smothered in forget me not plants, Ill transplant lots of them into the Scrub-they originally came from my Dad's garden so are precious.Believe it or not that will take the entire day-unless I hit a rock when everything goes out the window! Oh and there are a number of plants to go into same border, A friend gave me a very unusual aster today and there's four clematis I got months ago to go in and a very special place has to be found for some very special primroses and I think I know where! Its just dawned on me. The kind donor has a part of the Scrub that she really likes so it would be an appropriate place to put them-near the path so as I  can see them as i walk along, There now thats solved.

So here's hoping for a nice day! And that's the joy of gardening. The anticipation! Even of muddy wet weeding for the promise  to come!

'Not for the first time.....'

12 November 2016 19:39:58

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Mr G. Nome intones in dire foreboding .'Mr Scrubber seems to be losing it'  '-oosing it  -oosing it' reflected from behind the acer Sanko ???. 'I mean what is it he intends to do with the Scrub? Four Junipers two thujas, a Lawson cypress. and today six juniper in the Scrub and a juniper blue arrow in the lawn' Is it an arboretum he intends and what will become of the Scrub itself? ' 'Oh who will make the scrub great again?' 'Well akshually' this from Micileen Dee ' I find those new junipers add a different dimenshun espeshially the four on the banksh.' 'and warming to his theme 'And the junipersh in the wood are shurely shplendid  with their feathery glaucus foliage'. G Nome just grunted which meant Micilin had scored. 'And when Mr Scrubber puts the new daffodils around their bottoms...'cheeped in Cherub Cymbals who then stopped and reddened. 'How do you know anything about daffodils/ 'asked G. Nome. 'Or indeed about anything!' which was a very nasty remark even from G. Nome but he was still smarting from the Micileen put down earlier. Cherub Lute intervened here to protect poor Chrub Cymbals whose bottom lip was beginning to tremble. 'I mentioned to Cherub Cymbals that the grey of the daffodil leaves would echo the grey of the Junipers and that the bright yellow would be a lovely contrast'. 'Eggzhactly!' agreed Micileen. Everyone else nodded vigorously, all very annoyed with Mr. G Nome who mumbled something under his breath about 'all those Tetrapanexes'.

Mr. Scrubber himself was very pleased as he had been a little nervous about crowding the wood but the Junipers (Skyrocket) took up very little space and gave a lift to the area. He hadnt thought about the daffodils until Cherub Cymbals mentioned them and he will certainly include them-luckily he recently got 5kg of yellow trumpet which will fit the bill. And the Juniper blue arrow was so beautiful that it had to be a lawn specimen but also with daffodils!

Oh G. Nome forgot to mention the two new portuguese laurel!

Those autumn leaves....

07 November 2016 14:30:26

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So far they have not been bothersome and anyway I always remind myself when raking for days on end that the views were well worth it! This cold frosty bright morning theScrub was transformed. A carpet of leaves all about me and others drifting down all around me, I had never realised the different way they fall, some twirling down in a spiral, other swaying from side to side. The sounds too are different. Some are like little steps, rustlingd whereas the larger Chestnuts come down with a definite plooosh! I just stood and enjoyed it and it reminded me of life's cycle and how nice it would be to just leave the branch and effortlessly sail down into oblivion or into Heaven according to your own perception. Not that Scrubber has any intention of letting go the branch for a long time yet. Its just that delicious melancholy that contemplating nature in the autumn brings. I shall spring back again as soon as the hellebores and snowdrops rejuvenate!

II have made my last tree purchases lately two Thuga Smaragd and a Lawson Cypress Yvonne also two very tired portuguese laurels that I needed to end a little hedge of same, I had little difficulty siting the Thugas- on a ledge overlooking the lower scrub and near a small japaneses lantern which enhances them. But I lugged the Lawson Cypress from pillar to post and almost gave up in despair. Then passing by an carraig mor with it I got a 'dunt' from a certain lute- bearing cherub. 'Wouldnt the yellow light up that little area?' And do you know what? It did! I suppose I should just ask at the outset and spare meself the walking!

I am ordering five viburnum opulus from Future forests. The postage will caost as much as the plants as they are only 2 Euro each-guelder tree-lovely flat heads of white flowers and later bright red berry clusters and lovely leaf colour and suitable for soggy ground!

Lots and lots and lots of weeding to be done as my borders are as Sr Josephine used say of my written homework, 'an absolute and utter mystification'. I hope to have them in order by January!!!!


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