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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal December 2016

Last Post 388 days 13 hours ago

Got in the daphne!

29 December 2016 22:27:01

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Was out the other day for a little while and got in the daphne Bholua near the gate so I will getthe perfume as i go in and out. Also gathered some leaves and cut back remains of shasta daisies and divided Angels fishin rods-probably a bad time to do so?

Then today I went to spend an hour tidying the garage but went a wandering and found my gamble in plantin daffs in boggy ground may yet pay off. The first was through today! I have one snowdrop Colossus just out (Thank you paddy and Mary) and should have a daff next week-I can see the yellow! Then I noticed a lovely shallow bowl my daughter had given me had been shriven by the frost. Sad but I replaced it with a large iron cooking pot that was at the base of the rockery and that I had intended shifting anyway. The rockery steps now stand out much more clearly and Micilin Dee telsl me That the new placing of ' thash Tradishional cooking untenshil is absholutely perfect sho it ish!' and who am I to argue?

And the garage-well I got a third done and found lots of things and tied up all my canes into proper bundles so that they dont fall all over the place.

Oh and Lord Buddha's plinth is settling in nicely though still grey and raw.

Paths are made by walking and walking is one step after the other!




What a lovely present.

22 December 2016 17:23:02

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A dear friend of mine gave me a present last Tuesday to remember another dear friend by. It is Daphne Bholua Jaqueline Postil. I know it from its glorious scent and had tried and failed to acquire one last year. I see Johnstown are sold out until March. It will remind me of the friend for whom it was given who incidentally loved pink as a colour.

No gardening today as lots to be done in other areas mostly christmas ones.But I went down and photographed Buddha on his plinth now that the linoleum casing was removed. It looks a bit raw as yet but it will very soon get a green coating and the lichens will soften its starkness. I am quite pleased,

Called into Kehoes today and got three nice skimmias for 10Euro. Not very large but good plants. They will go in after Christmas and I have decided to put the Daphne near the drive so I shall get the waft of perfume going in and out.

Its a sort of settling down time before the aconites and snowdrops shove through. May I wish everyone the happiest of Christmasses and hope to meet many at the Johnstown gathering.

I hope Lord Buddha understands but then he does.

20 December 2016 19:49:26

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Mr scrubber was so busy last saturday morning that the scrub was agog with interest. No he was not planting or shifting rocks or dividing astilbes. He was mixing cement. Half a small bag of sand and cement, (8Euros and great value).

He had earlier cut a strip of linoleum and made a circle-like a cake band.

This was placed on a rock and half filled with cement. Then the head of Lord Buddha was placed on top and infilled all around making dure the ears were clear of the mix.

Then Scrubber stood back and hoped he had not made a prashock of things-old Irish word preasach=mess or mistake.

He had to wait until today to see. In the dimming light he retrieved the linoleum and exposed the new plinth! He thinks it has not ruined the lord Buddhas head and it is now solidly grounded on the rock so that thieves 'may not break in and steal'.

His conscience is bothering him slightly because he thinks the Lord Buddha is alll compassionate and understanding and were thieves to take him away he would be accepting and not be very angry as would Mr. Scrubber.

So is concreting in the head of Lord Buddha a very zen like action?

Is a puzzlement!

Gardening  and Philosophy should go together but.......

In any case the new plinth works in showing off Lord Buddha to people who pass by and I hope a blessing follows them.

Yes dear friends I know you think Mr Scrubber has lost it but until it is lost it is very difficult to find........





Once more into the breach dear friends once more..

16 December 2016 20:53:31

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Oh it was so lovely to get out in the calm tranquil December afternoon. Bad weather and a combination of other things had kept me away from the Scrub and even though all I did was to plant a Viburnum Bodnantse (Dawn), a nice Mallow and Mary's beautiful pink primroses (which I put in her favourite part of my garden. The I edged about six metres of the lawn which widened a border as well. As I say very little but so satisfying. Scrubber has put in sooo much this autumn through the generosity of friends and bargains in Glanbia and Kehoes that Spring promises revelations! Guelder rose, Japanese primulas, cornus siberica, Paddy's irises, bamboo, lots of daffs (a gamble!). Every so often I remember something else-purple loosestrife, fritillary meleagris-oh if they all come it will be a celebration!

I also managed to upload a lot of photos so must try for an album. Scrubber will be losing the run of himself soon.




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