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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal March 2017

Last Post 293 days 18 hours ago

My beautiful Bottoms!

31 March 2017 22:32:40

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I was out for about an hour and a half today and just before I cam in I looked back and down and it struck me how very beautiful my Bottoms looked in the Spring light! They seem to spread far and wide and give a whole new expanse to what was just a lot of wild flag leaves-very few flowers and masses of Himalayan Balsam. Now there are daffs and some Fritillaries and lots of rosettes of primula Florinda and shoots of purple loosestrife and loads of Astilbe-pink and white (Thank you paddy and Mary) and some irises (thanks again!) and lots of Dogwood siberica and lots of Viburnum Opulis and three Swamp Cypress and daffs and a shuttlecock fern from Headgardener and red lobelia leaves coming and two bottlebrushes and .......

It makes for a whole new exciting start to spring. The Rhododendrons have started and a purple Azaelea is beginning to colour further up the Scrub-about five bushes of it so that will be splendid and today I cleared a few handfuls of grass and saw that five Japanese painted ferns are coming along nicely underneath the two Tetrapanex so is it any wonder Im wonderin'.

Unfortunately my old Berberis Hedge was badly hit by those cold winters a few years ago and next job and a huge one is to clear where it is gone and pull out all the old stuff and the branches I stuck in to stop cattle, Luckily a good friend is coming to Fence off where the hedge is gone and reinforce the other places. Ill try to save any resprouting stuff and there's a lotof good hedging still in it but there promises to be a lot of digging and uprooting and replanting. I think Ill just use hawthorn as I have a brilliant hedge of that but wont be able to get that in until next Autumn.

I put white pansies into my small urns on the wall thinking they would be elegant but they just looked dead white rather than shimmering so I bought another tray and put in dark blues as well and it helped.

I lost a lot of heathers on a slope under the pine trees and I have replaced them (foolishly) a few times. Now instead I am trying small conifers and I must say I prefer the effect. Blues and greens and golds and different habits as well. Hope it work. Put in  thuga Rheingold today and a Juniper there's about ten of them in by now,

Glad I got that done as theres so much to do re the hedge and also the veg beds now de dandelioned!!! Im determined to eat from my garden this year.Cant seem to download pictures for some reason. They werent pictures of my Bottoms!


Scrubber's NBF

29 March 2017 20:32:17

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You will never believe it but Scrubber has a new best friend in the garden! It’s the common Dandelion! It’s not only because at present they are bright and golden and cheerful but also because they are 1) Very easy to spot 2) they have a great spread of leaves 3) They are fairly easy to uproot in the present damp ground 4) The earth just falls away from the roots and 5) when all the dandelions are taken out theres not so much left to do to clean up the bed. Now there’s another weed and I hate it with a vengeance, the black threads of root of the Vetch! Tough, resilient and able to insinuate itself into everything else without your noticing until it sports its pea like leaves and you have an infestation. No give me honest Dandelions anyday. The children in school loved the story of dents du lion-leaves resembling the teeth of the Lion and also of course the coarser Pis en lit or as we knew them Pissabeds! Sr Josephine gave Tom Doorley a good clatter for coming up with that one in Junior Infants!

So a LOT of weeding done recently! But still had time for a little more excavation at Carraig Mor. Just a shaving off of a bit of bank, And each day I manage to find a new Fritillary. So far about six out of 50 planted in Autumn here’s hoping!

"Wow" and then "Ow!"

26 March 2017 23:04:24

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Ever since Jackie posted a picture of her Fritillary Meleagris I have been down the Bottoms looking to see if any of the fifty bulbs I put in last Autumn had come up. No luck for ages and then this morning I saw one! One out of fifty but the Scrub Denizens got a fright to see Mr. Scrubber jumping up and down in excitement. Grumpy G. Nome quoted Dr. Johnson ‘Enthusiasm is a pernicious thing!’ and he may have had a point as I at that same moment remembered that I had recently raked that bank into a level area so Have I wrecked my Fritillaries???Time will tell but there are three out now.

Actually there was one dinger of a row in the Scrub today and G. Nome got more than he bargained for. Anna was away being pampered by her daughter for Mother’s day so after mass Scrubber had a sandwich and was out into the Scrub. Now later in the evening he decided to clean the steps going down to the Carraig Mor and then he had to sweep off the winters gunge from the surface and noticed the steps might be improved by a slicing away of part of a bank and then that revealed another bit of the carraig mor that was a natural step and of course that entailed a lot of work and clearing and cutting and brushing. ‘Really shameful to be wasting such a good day,’ grumbled G. Nome quite loudly ‘Especially as the vegetable beds are a disgrace’. Micileen Dee lost it! ‘I’m very shorry Nome! (Omitting the G!) he shrilled, ‘bush I mush take ishoo wish you on this ocashion! Mr. Shcrubber hash shpent the entire morning clearing all the briarsh and brambelsh from the back of tash very spikey berberish hedge, a nashty, dirty, tangled mesh it is too so that a fench can be put there to keep the cowsh at bay. Thash wash a marathon effort. AND he shtrimmed all the grashes around the vegetable plotsh as well and left them ready for preparashuns tomorrow! He has been working at thash hedge for the pasht few daysh and shtraining himshelf to clear it. SO IN MY HUMBLE OPINION HE HASH MORE THAN EARNED THE RIGTSH TO SHPEND A FEW HOURS BEUTIFYINGH TH SCHRUB! An if you continue to critishise Mr. Schrubber who has all our besht interests at heart ILL, ILL, ILL….Report you to Mr Gerry Daly and HE’LL SOFTEN YOUR COUGH FOR YOU EXSHTREMELY QUICKLY! Micilin had worked himself up into a frenzy by this stage and  everyone waited for G. Nomes response. In a quieter voice than normal he merely said ‘Well weel have to see, wont we?’

So to save Micilin’s blushes I suppose Id better get to those beds tomorrow. Luckily the forecast is good!That third photo is difficult, Its looking right down on the bottom step to the carraig mor and on the left is the new outcrop of rock that emerged today.


19 March 2017 00:01:00
A memory of Autumn

A memory of Autumn

Just to say Lidle has got in a lot of nice stuff. Got a good biggish magnolia stellata for a tenner! There were two sorts and nice big rhodos for thirteen euro. Id say they will be snapped up soon so if you are near a Lidle...

I promised to put up some pictures

17 March 2017 21:16:01

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And if I can manage it ill do an album but these few are to explain my previous journal-the levelling beside  Katie's path. Have an amount of plants to get in-maybe tomorrow-two very nice  (cheap) small conifers, three hebes, a heather, alstromerias and loads ofmichaelmas daisies (again very cheap-looked very shook but all now revealing green shoots, oh and two Nandinas that need a bit of cosseting, The magnolia soulangea seems in bloom very early. Hope frosts dont come,

Funny that!

13 March 2017 22:45:22
Just a little spot of blue!

Just a little spot of blue!

Yesterday i was walking along the wood path and looked down on the one below, Katies path! It is bordered by three or four larger rocks and then smaller ones. There is a slight slope down into the boggy area. I think I distinctly heard a whisper but Cherub Lute said he wasn't in the vicinity. It sounded like him though and he has been so instrumental in creating the Bottoms, maybe it was just one of his many thoughts lingering in the air. 'If you levelled out that tiny slope it might make the edging rocks more imortant and then the tree might stand out more and the steps might be more pronounced...just a suggestion..' so Scrubber was down digging out soft black peaty soil and raking it and levelling and it did look well or at least better. Funny how a little thing just works. The path is better, the edge is better, the link to the boggy bit is better.

Then back to real work-trying to root out all the debris under the prickly ivy smothered base of the berberis , The border will be all the better for it but its dirty tangly work. I also had earlier trimmed the stipa gigantea-with a scissors! so I also had to tease out all that hay!!

I have a lot of plants to get in but have to get the border weeded first. So I was glad I took the time off earlier to follow that mysterious suggestion! Will put up the photographs of the work tomorrow night.

Back again in garden

11 March 2017 20:32:55

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 Scrub Denizens were watching Mr scrubber very carefully today as he has had a gammy hip for a while. X ray showed its just a gammy hip and does not need replacing for which Scrubber was so grateful. Held up well today so that is the last you will hear of it.

It was a wet morning but the day turned and I was able to plant up a little area with a new pieris-I had six of them- and I put them in for Joshua as I remember the day he came with rachel to visit my garden, a lovely quiet earnest eleven year old. I will always remember him when I see them.

After that I went to my long border and started at the back, edging and clearing and putting the extra forget me nots down in the Scrub. I used a saw-real one-to divide a big clump of that grassy flower-libertia? and reset  them .

Then took the snowdrops out of the urns and set them in the side border and of course that necessitated cleaning it up sufficiently to do so.I noticed a thirty year old Buddleia was almost dead so that will have to come out but it has given huge service.

So grateful to be out again. Spring was defiitely in the air if not quite in my step.And the Magnolia seem to be coming very early this year. Now that I think of it I bought a magnolia....oh no I remember-It was a present for a dear friend-for a minute there I wondered where I had put it!!!!Senior phases rather than moments!!!





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