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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal April 2017

Last Post 274 days 23 hours ago

Round and round and round...

22 April 2017 22:48:52
Eggzactly !

Eggzactly !

Was a bit disheartened at all there was to do at present so Scrubber very sensibly followed cherub Lute's advice. It just floated into Scrubber's mind 'Do one small area well and then see what happens'. He is so wise for one so young. After all he's only about 100 in our years which is nothing for a cherub.

So for two days I laboured on the circle of walnuts at the front and finished this evening. Theres a small one foot border around and little circles around the trunks and box bushes. Theres a lot of Lady's mantel but a lot of weeds daisies plantain vetch etc mixed in with the roots so painstakingly inch by inch Scrubber moved round and round but it was satisfying and he forgot all the other things-

Oh and also found time to collect another obelisk! Two more to finish-- and managed to paint it and place it. They dont dominate at all and I hope the clematis will soon grow up around them and also the sweet pea that Jackie told me are in Lidle. Is it too late to sew seeds as I have two packets???

So if anyone feels like despairing-dont! Just do a little bit well! (Although I cant help  wondering how another garden seems to have every little bit at perfection level...)

A book is no' a pwesent!

20 April 2017 20:11:52

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So said my very wise grandson on one accasion when I thought I was doing well by telling him I had a present. A Book is no' a pwesent I was told very firmly. I know how he felt as I worked today. 'Sweepin' is NOT gardenin' I spent a lot of time sweeping the yard and the grass clippings on the drive and doing the joints in the sets with one of those longhandled  wire brushes.

Earlier I planted four clematis in advance of the ordered Obelisks! I am going to have three more of the pillar like ones and if the clematis dont work Ill fill them with sweet pea! Had great fun trimming the branches of a hawthorn as one of the obelisks fits beside it and so I had to ensure that there was lots of light in the canopy. Now that WAS gardening and I enjoyed meself.

Managed to get some lawn cut as some of the daffs have finally turned yellow. The snowdrops also. Got an idea of leaving a narrow grass path -actually the lawn but no snowdrops and I will try to set them behind it in a long triangle of grass. The pattern was there but I didnt realise it until I cut the grass.

And Im definitely going to have loads of tulips next year both in beds and in grass. Im going to start buying bit by bit as soon as they come into shops but wont plant until november.

But theres SO MUCH to be done at present as everything is racing on. Grass is knee high and weeds are flourishing and veg beds are totally empty,,,,,,,,

Another Obelisk has landed!

19 April 2017 20:30:38

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Before it did I managed to get down to that path edge. There was a huge reed growing over the main stone. I went at it with an axe and it just folded! I was quite surprised and wondered if I went at more things, people, taxes with an axe would I clear them as easily!. The main stone the one at the end, caused me no grief but the one beside it was awkward. easy to dislodge but difficult to reinstate. The secret was little by little and no straining. Funnily enough the muddy ground below yielded up quite a few nice small rocks- I had no idea they were there- also the top of an unbudgeable! I just cleared the clay from the top and left it. Had some nice wildish looking primulas and I put them in and today I transplanted a few dogwoods which should look well in Spring next year.

Yesterday as I laboured at the new edge of the bottom path I got a text to say the new obelisk was ready. I had asked ian to make me a sort of columnar obelisk that would fit a narrow border. When I saw it I was delighted. Exactly what I requested and he capped it with a spearpoint from an old railing he had. I spent a happy two hours painting it today. It began to rain when I was halfway through it so it was fun trying to get the half painted obelisk into the garage without mucking it or me!

I took a photograph or two so you could see it. Hope you like it as much as I do.Sorry have tried twice to upload and it wont work.Ill try one more time.


17 April 2017 21:06:35

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Some people might say I have a sad life! I am sitting here and looking forward to tomorrow. Now there's lots of work to be done, weeding, strimming, clearing...BUT today i was down in the scrub and as I glanced down at the bottom path I suddenly saw that one rock that bordered the path was really striking and that if I were to-no not move it!!!--- if I were to cut away the reeds that were at the back of it it would enhance the stone and show up the edge of the path and make it more defined. So before I do any work tomorrow I'm going down to do that and Im so looking forward to seeing the difference. As I said above -a sad life! but a happy one! And there's NO MOVING INVOLVED!

Im going to put up some egghunt pictures. There not very  eggciting but as Micileen would say they gave the children eggshepshional fun! --and the adults!I enclosed below the clues I gave them. If you have been to the Scrub you may recognise some of the places!

Easter Egg Hunt First set of clues 16/4/2017


1)            Down the stone steps in a basket I see

Where a statue is minding a nice egg for me!


2)There’s a goose in the scrub and an egg she is minding

Although it’s not golden, it’s really worth finding!


3)A tree with four trunks, a stone head in the middle

Might just show you an egg and answer this riddle!


4)I know a wise owl who sits in a tree

And who possibly has a small eggy for me!


5)Theres a wheel in the garden that never turns  round

But within its bent spokes a nice egg might be found!


 Easter Egg Hunt  Second set of clues 16/4/2017


1)The Lantern of Knowledge may show where you find

The first of your eggs, the rest not far behind!


2)If you walk the wood path and look up to the skies

A bird’s house might harbour a pleasant surprise.


3)Who knows the mind of Buddha? let those who  would draw near

A nice surprise before your eyes, behind the Buddha’s ear!


4) Across the little wooden bridge, there lies a leaning tree

And in its core there’s something more, a little treat for me.


5) Of all the rhododendrons, the nicest is the white

And up among its branches there is the strangest sight!




We had such a ball!

17 April 2017 13:09:01
Carraig Mor

Carraig Mor

Yesterday was a day the Scrub should remember for a long time! We had an early morning egg hunt and both grandchildren kindly forgot their ages and humoured grandad and searched diligently. They had separate sets of clues and having gathered five eggs each they merited the special envelope containing their Easter Prize!

Then after a wonderful lunch their two young cousins arrived and the three boys had another egg hunt! They had such fun and ended up taking off their shoes and running through the mud in the bottoms missing all the lobelias by a miracle.'We ran between the flowers Grandad!

Meanwhile the parents sat on one of the big rocks and enjoyed the chase. Then still on the rock had tea and buns and red velvet cup cakes freshly made.

The Scrub Denizens approved mightily. 'Lovely to hear all the young voices' Micilin Dee and even G Nome said it was nice to watch the shenanigans!

Id say it will have been a memorable day for all. And it was nice to see the scrub being used as a playground and a cafe! 



Woke this morning to a pounding

14 April 2017 17:22:35

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sound outside. No Trump had not bombed the Scrub. My long awaited fence was being put in. Nothing at all fancy. Big strong poles and sheep wire topped with barbed wire, I will replace the old hedge in front of it in Autumn with whitethorn so it only has to keep out the cattle. But it was great to have it done.

Yesterday I went over and collected the second obelisk, I have asked Ian to make me another in a different shape for a long narrow border and if it works out ill get three more, It has been suggested that Scrubber is running away with himself but if its too much they will find a home in the scrub!

Bought tray of buxus having made sure that each section had four! little plantlets, Divided them up with sharp knife and had thus 24 box plants to finish edging path. Also got in plants with unpronouncable name- somethingfil peltata, lady gardener was able to sing it off no bother last Sunday, They came courtesy of Paddy and Mary and are perfect for boggy area. I divided up a big astilbe as well.

This year I have got so much pleasure out of all the new plants in the bog area and yesterday I noticed some lily of the valley-youd never guess where they came from as well!!! Its been an exciting Spring so far and were only half way through April.

I had bought some grass seed and got a new wire rake yesterday-when buying gold paint to tip the obellisks! It was only 8.95! so I scarified some areas where the grass was thin and lo I have rain this evening...Lubberly!

The matching obelisks are difficult to see in the second pic but that shows that they blend in well!!!

Happiness on the double

13 April 2017 23:04:16

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Two big events in the last week. On Sunday I visited a most exquisite garden and it cost me nothing!!! It’s a private garden near a certain bridge and even as you approach it you see the wonderful planting in the lane outside, whorls of leaves of primula  florindae? And lots of other plants revelling in the damp. But then when one goes in its just one breathtaking display after another, I have been quite a few times at different seasons but everytime Im blown away. This is gardening at its very best. Fritillaries abounding following on the snowdrops, Troilus all different kinds, varieties of tulip, one lovely one that spreads quite vigorously, pulsatilla on the point of breaking. So many plants, shrubs oh and lysichiton americanus skunk cabbage revelling in a damp gulley. So much to see and enjoy and being in the company of one of the owners made it even more special. And a wonderful surprise Lady Gardiner was also calling! A joyous reunion. Then in for a chat and reminiscing about hot blaas on a cold morning! A plastic bag filled with treasures in my boot as I drove away. Ah bliss. Thank you Paddy and Mary!-even if the sight of all those immaculately weeded and mulched beds jolted me into ‘Must do better mode!’

The other was I collected my ordered obelisk. I was nervous going over wondering if it would be ok. I needn’t have worried. As soon as I saw it I was thrilled. Exactly what I wanted and a fleur de lis on top—(shows the link between my garden and Versailles!!!!) On the way home I called into hardware and got green paint for covering metal. Home and tried out the obelisk where I intended it and it was fine. Painted it and ordered another which I collected today and painted. I have asked Ian to make me a different style one for a border and if it turns out well Ill put in four of them. Anna isa bit worried I will overdo things but if they are too much I can use them below in the Scrub and Ian will also make me an arch! He uses good solid material that will outlast me and another gardiner who saw  my obelisk in his yard asked him to make one for him. I will put up a photograph and a close up to show the strong bars. Heres hoping my Clematis shows Jack and the beanstalk style climbing!

Sorry re sideways picture. I did rotate but it didnt turn out properly.

Rocks abounding.

03 April 2017 15:55:28

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Well the thrush who tried unsucessfully to build her nest on our drainpipe took away all the material yesterday and is building in an elder tree instead, It was amazing the way she recycled the stuff. Then she went to the round water filled quern and pulled the moss off and dunked it in the water and flew to the nest.

Meanwhile Scrubber went to a man who is going to make me an obelisk! Ill let you know how it goes.

Spent some time clearing the hedge bottom. hard work. But before that I went out  because the rock I put in yesterday was niggling me. I decided to remove it but then cherub Lute suggested I dig a deeper hole and he was right. It now fitted in exactly right, Cherub Lute has such a good eye !

Im going to put up the two photgraphs and you can see how it worked. yesterdays and todays.

How did Fran KNOW?

02 April 2017 22:10:38

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I was mistified, mist rather that mystery, today. Yesterday Fran joked that I'd probably find new rocks when I began to clear the hedge. I had only just begun when there was a clink. That put paid to my clearing for an hour! How did he know? Well one had to remove it else how could the man put in the new fence. And amazingly there was a gap down near the steps so it slotted in. Now one would think (If you didnt know him), that that would satisfy Scrubber but there's a niglle and I just know, I wonder does FRAN?, that some time in the future I will get back and the rocks in the pics will be uprooted and reorganised. But that is for the future. When exactly? I dunno. Ask Fran!

The new rock looks quite small in the third picture but its actually the one thats under it is the real niggler. Now if Scrubber raised that one up fully it might look......

Today was a workday!

01 April 2017 21:01:02

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Well  Scrubber started in traditional style thinking he might raise a rock a few inches. Yes you may yawn and pass on! In fact he ended up turning the rock completely around and upside down!. Its not perfect but its better!

That as usual took four times the time he thought it would. Next he got the Strimmer out and did a lot of strimming. He's not good at threading the strim in so the air was a little blue. Got going and quickly ran out of strim. More blueing but finally managed to get down to Bottoms and cut back a lot of three cornered Leek- plagued with it. Luckily Scrubber enjoys the smell! And the flowers are beautiful so he'll count blessings instead of moaning.

Then got mower out and had great fun dodging the snowdrop and daffodil clumps. Got a good bit done so was pleased enough if tired at the end of the day. Bit of a dull day workwise but there was the rock to cheer him up.

Took some lovely photos and will later do a photo journal but will show three here if I can.


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