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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal June 2017

Last Post 206 days 4 hours ago

I feel bad about

24 June 2017 21:03:25
Easter egg hunt photo

Easter egg hunt photo

not having any photographs as Ive been told the camera is kaput. Does anyone know how I get photos from a Samsung Y I phone to the computer-Windows 10 on my new laptop. I have tried but failed. I plugged in to computer and to phone thinking it would suddenly work but no.

Am desperately trying to reclaim Eileen's bed as Ground elder has retaken it, I notice I lost about four good lupins  in the resulting jungle. But I have more. Was in Keoghs of New Ross today and got two beautiful almost bonzai'd juniper. They are a little pot bound but anywhere else would have cost about 12 to 15 euro each and I got them for 4,95 each. I am going to 'nestle' them in among the cobbles surrounding my small ball fountain on the patio. I hope it works.

The river is a touch cooler but still a joy to plunge into after working in the dust and heat. As I swam across I see the far bank has lots of lovely wild waterlillies-they look like troillus- yellow and ball shaped and the near bank has a beautiful white-o lord I forget the name-Normally tall and  ah eupotorium? Think it has a common name yes Joe pie weed. Normally pink. Theres a rock on the other side to which I can swim and perch and survey all the beauty around me. Im blessed.

I cleared the weeds back from a little smothered box hedge and it looked as though it had benefitted from the shade!

I also managed to cut down a big branch of the old fallen willow and that opens up the space a bit. Damn! I wish I had my camera!




18 June 2017 01:00:21


Decided to clean circles around every tree and shrub in lawn and then discovered there were twenty eight of them. Took me the whole day and part of another but finally got it done. Then decided to  mow lawn and finish it all off nicely. And of course the mower collapsed yet again when needed. I brought it in today but a new one would cost about 750 Euro so I decided to get it repaired and to then look around . When I got home I went for my first swim in the river. Cold but not too bad at all! Then I got out the strimmer and did both main lawns!!!!Not the easiest but was delighted with the result and the circles  do look well. Went for another swim after that as was sweaty dirty and most objectionable!

Will get my mower back on Tuesday so its a holding action. Lots of nice rose surprises in the scrub and there are yellow day lillies to follow on the present russet ones so Im looking forward to that!

Winding paths

10 June 2017 21:31:48
corner of the bridge

corner of the bridge

We had lovely weather today, quite sunny and dry. It was such a bonus. There was a  lot of strimming to be done as the grass in the Scrub was nearly thigh high! Lot of slogging. Then Scrubber decided to lighten a tree’s shade! This was because he has a cunning plan to put another tree in the lower lawn. Why? Because there are two there and I recently slightly enlarged the circle around one of them and they were then both the same size so a third, in a diagonal line! Suggested itself. Perhaps an Acer?

It’s wonderful the way one thing leads to another. I had redone the path at the very bottom of the Scrub and it looks much better. Then yesterday I worked on another path and enlarged it a bit. As I walked around tonight I realised that I had unconsciously improved the whole path around the garden! One leads on from the other. And today I was fiddling around the very big rock, clearing the top just a little more. Now I find this rock is a feature on the bottom path and also looks very well from the middle path!!! And there is a plum coloured hazel there just beside the rock that now looks much more of a feature especially since I cleared out all the extra shoots that had grown up around it. So paths , hazel and rock are all fairly magically combining. I’m certain Cherub Lute is behind a lot of it! Others would perhaps say serendipity. But walking around the path tonight I did feel that things were coming together in a special way . Then others might say ‘poor old Scrubber, he’s becoming delusional!’ and they might have a point!

The trimming of the tree was so satisfying, a lot of branches down, a few awkward branches trimmed off and now it looks much lighter and airier. Always takes longer than one expects and especially the tidying up afterwards!


The Iron Man!

09 June 2017 21:39:01
Keeping a merry eye on things!

Keeping a merry eye on things!

A surprise for me today when Scrubber went into diy territory! He had a list of stuff for today starting with starting the mower! And lo and behold it started and kept going! I got all my mowing done which was great. Before that I went out to a neighbouring field and got 30 elderflower heads for Anna- a pleasant task as they will be transformed into delicious cordial! As we were in Borris I called into the local hardware and priced two meter lengths of 6mm iron!!!! I hope you are impressed with my technical knowledge! I bought 10 and the lot cost me 8 euro.

When I was home I went over to my beech tree and selected a thick branch. I slipped the rod behind it and brought the two ends together at the front. Then when I took it out it was a very nice curve. I laid the U shape on the ground,stood on the bend and pulled up the two ends (very easy). Thus making a fine strong support for bushy plants, It was very easy and I made ten in about ten minutes with no strain! I think they are about 3.50 to 4.50 euro to buy. And if Scrubber can make them-anyone can. Thats fact not modesty!

Then I decided to remove a large fern from beside a path and trim a rhododendron on the other side. The fern-a native- was huge and took a lot of effort to remove but once that was done and the other side of the path made a bit more definite, slicing into it and spreading the clay so as to fill the hole left by the fern and then a good scattering of grass seed so that in a few weeks time that path will look well I hope. Did a bit of tidying on fern corner but needs a lot more. The 'new' path runs by Fern corner so that when you make one place better you have to improve the other as well!

Did a bit more raking and seeding on another path and then came in. Didnt get all on my list done but then I hadnt the plant supports on my list!!!


Not a bad day

08 June 2017 21:04:23
A corner of the Scrub

A corner of the Scrub

'Ithink Mr Scrubber isnt at all sure of what he wants' suggested Cherub Cynbals' 'Hmmm?' was the only response from cherub Lute. G Nome gathered himself to say something quite cutting but seeing the expression on Micilin Dee's face he held off. But it was fair comment as Scrubber had risen and gone out and dug a big deep hole and planted his new iron square ball topped pole! No Fran its not for pole dancing!! But then he looked again and decided it was too high. So the hole had to be emptied-of the clay that filled it! and another foot deeper and the pole went back in again. G.Nome gave a deep sigh and tried to shrug his shoulders-difficult as they are stone! But this time the hole was deep enough-about four feet and the pole now stands about four feet high. It was a very large pole! I thought it was six feet but my maths has now indicated it was eight!

Then Scrubber filled the two pots and used his own compost mixed with clay. The colours go very well together if you can imagine maroon and copper¬! He made a new bed just below statue scrubber and put in four huge crinum bulbs. He split up his buxus trays, each little section gives three plants and they grow just as well, He put them around the stone quern and they should be lovely in a year or two.

Some people just might remember a circular beech hedge I put in about five years ago. It got its first real trim today and I cleaned out under it to help the growth,

The mower is very cantankerous these days-the machine not the owner, but at least Scrubber got the main and lower lawns done before it conked. I left it outside under a bush to save the manhandling into the garage and if it doesnt start its off to carlow to the lawnmower hospital-cant have place falling apart at this stage! G, Nome would be apalled!

Have been told my camera is probably dead! Very helpful man in Waterford camera shop is going to look at it but wasnt too hopeful-not hopeful at all in fact! So I cant show all the new stuff! Sorry about that.



Birthday benefits.

07 June 2017 23:32:48
Taken just as light faded

Taken just as light faded

As Anna had bought me the arch for my birthday I wasnt expecting more. I had asked my son and daughter to buy me a pot each-it was a cunning plan to get matching pots and to cut down on their too generous birthday gifts. But Son went his own way and gave me lotso'cash and Daughter's is yet to materialise as she was foiled by a non english speaking restauranteur when she attempted to pay in advance for my Birthday meal!

Well I was in Glanbia and I spotted two pots, sort of deep maroon, but a dull deep maroon with a hint of decoration. Then Kieran showed me new roses that had just come in-lovely healthy ones with a coppery orange tint and I knew they would be perfect in the pots! And I got two trays of Buxus!

Then yesterday I went over to Ian and collected the square iron post topped with a lovely small ball. He gave it to me for free-no I didnt tell him about my birthday fran! 

Today was a miserable wet day all day so when we came back from waterford I changed and brought the post-rusted and a bit paint spattered, into the garage and wire brushed it and then cleaned it and painted it the same green as the arch and obelisks and painted the ball on top dull gold. Theres a slight kink in it but it is tall enough so that I can bury it deep enough and the post will be dead straight.

I also ran out between showers and planted three box in each corner of the square little bed in the circle at the front of the house. I always divide up those buxus as you get three together in each section and they come on singly just as well.

If I can get some sun tomorrow Ill get in the rest of the box- about 50 lovely gladioli and my four crinums. There were nice cheap paeonies in Aldi today or was it Lidle-Lidle for about 7 Euro each. I was tempted but resisted.

Here's hoping for better weather! I also want to visit the Zoo and the Lutyens memorial garden in Islandbridge so hope there will be a few sunny days ahead.

Havent a camera at present so cant put up new pics.




Am getting old--er.

05 June 2017 20:11:47
This is always the last to come out,

This is always the last to come out,

Well we were away for a week and came back to different weather. However it stayed fine for Bloom and even though i was tired I decided to go. It was enjoyable but by two o clock I was satisfied to come home. The gardens were fine, I loved the planting in the Pieta House garden and the MounVenus  effort was hugely impressive. I didnt see the change in tide that they had. I liked the Agri Aware farmyard garden. But my favourite was Hugh Ryan's Stem Cell. Quite minimalist but lovely use of hellebore leaves over stones and young Hydrangea foliage along with big rectangular black wooden slabs that fitted in well despite their size and gave a protective feeling to the garden. Some of the others I felt were overplanted and Cuprinols I felt was very fussy and perhaps overdone. But there was much to admire and lots to learn. I enjoyed it very much and met Gerry and Helen Dillon and Carmel Duignan who had all the time in the world to talk to a vagrant from carlow! I did keep glancing around to see if there were others waiting!

I was very pleased that my obelisks more than measured up to those on sale. The man whose arch I bought had another on sale up there and it was strange to see it in its rust form,now that I had painted my own deep green. I offered to testify to its strength if needed but people saw for themselves that it was  a good arch. I saw some people carrying huge plants, dicksonia, whole rosebushes, and big plants in ceramic pots! I confined myself to gladioli bulbs and four crinums which were all a little reduced for the final day. Four crinums for a Tenner,

I was disappointed that I met no garden.ie people but you cant have everything! One thing that struck me was that a show garden is an ephemeral thing and really quite seasonal whereas our own gardens are there all the time and continually changing so that was very consoling.

Oh a dear Friend informed me that somebody in Chelsea was saying that 'a line of Obelisks added definition to a garden' and she very kindly was enraged that they had nabbed Scrubber's original idea!!!

I didnt bring my camera to Bloom as its gone very wonky lately. I think Ill have to invest in a new one. So if I put up one of my garden dont think please that I have lost the run of meself!



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