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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal July 2017

Last Post 176 days 13 hours ago

'What changed his mind'

31 July 2017 20:12:42
peace perfect peace

peace perfect peace

‘ I  thought Mr. Scrubber was NOT going out to the garden today?’ asked Cherub Cymbals and there was a chorus of agreement ‘yes, sore throat, cold, tired, not in form’ everyone had a reason and yet there was a definite twinkle in Cherub Lute’s eye. ‘Was it YOU?’ asked Cherub Cymbals. ‘Not at all Cymbals, but sometimes things happen. ‘Was it that phone call at around one o clock?’ growled G. Nome. ’’He certainly hared off very quickly after it!’

Statue Scrubber, who as you know stands a little closer to the house in which Mr Scrubber lives, blushed a little and said ‘ Well I think Mr Ian rang to say the gates were ready’. ‘THE GATES!’  shouted  Micileen Dee in his excitement! (It’s well known that he has a ’ predelicshun’ for houses with georgian windows and imposing entrances.) ‘Oh’ he said , covering his embarrassment; ‘Mr Schrubber hash been in a shtate of sushpended antishipashun waishing for those Gatesh’ ‘Understandable ‘ said Cherub Lute. ‘He wasn’t quite sure what Mr Ian would make of his very rough sketch. It’s one thing to jot down an idea, it’s quite another to go over and see the actual result.’  ‘Yesh ‘ agreed  Micileen and sighed loudly ‘Trepidashun’.

But Scrubber needn’t have worried, When he got there and saw the gates he was thrilled, They were still in their basic iron form but were exactly as he had imagined and more so. Ian had added his own little touches. Each gate post is an original four by four square iron post topped with a perfect ball. Because they are so old the ball is a little rust pitted which when painted gold gives a terrific finish. The two gates were placed high up on the posts as requested to give  good planting depth. The gates are two rectangular frames with three iron rods in each. These are topped with small balls and the centre rod is longer than the other two-this was another of Ian’s touches and he had made a clasp that comes down over both gates that both closes and keeps them in line,

Ian miraculously managed to load them into the boot and Scrubber was soon down in the scrub digging out holes just to try out the fit, This was only a rough try as he wasn’t up to a lot of hard work just yet and they have to be painted tomorrow and the balls done in gold, the holes deepened a bit more but already Scrubber knows they are going to work beautifully and add a particular grace to that corner of the Scrub. And by tomorrow maybe this ‘orrible cold may have shifted off into the realms of memory.And he promises a photo as soon as the new phone materialises!


Youknow those days?

29 July 2017 23:24:43
old picture of obelisk

old picture of obelisk

You wake up with a sorish throat, eyes watery, legs wobbly. Now it was only a cold so I cant complain but I was advised and took it-NOT to go out working today and Im glad I didnt. I had been working hard all week raking in the Scrub and exposing a huge rock which was part of a wall-it had been prominent but now its unmissable! which I dedicated to my dear uncle whose months mind I attended tonight. Its now Jimmy fardey's rock and I will think of him every time I pass it.

Then having exposed Jimmy's rock and raked the area clean I removed a few ferns elsewhere and found I had an open area. What to do???? I just was lucky enough to acquire-dont ask- some very nice and reasonable rhododendrons. I think they are a strong red, well five of them and the other will surprise me next spring. Now I was able to go down and place them but no digging in so next monday will hopefully see that new area planted.

So even though it was a day of sniffles and gargling and non gardening ,it gave me a sense of anticipation!Oh and in a second hand bookshop in New Ross I got a lovely hardback copy of Monty Don's book 'Roots' a collection of his Observer articles I think. Im also enjoying his large Levington Diaries? I think thats the name.

Thr rockery has disappeared under stuff so that will have to be the next. And thelawnmower gave up-after being to the shop two weeks before. I was told to 'bring it in' and the very patient Pat just pulled the chord and away it went like greased lightning!!!!!!!I felt a bitofatwit but Pat kindly said it happens and told me if it conks out again------yes 'bring it in!'



So long since I was on site!

24 July 2017 20:21:41

Click to zoom

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Click to zoom

Havent been out for a while. Various demands on time that could not be avoided nor would i wish to avoid them, Kept me out of garden, But went out recently and redid the stones I mentioned in my last journal and reset them and trimmed a philadelphus which gave me room to plant a lovely (Glanbia) Rhodo Yakushima? I put an answering one a few yards further on where I had enlarged the steps near the acer Ozakazuki, Im very pleased with the way that path has now become a nice feature.And it follows on nicely from the path created at the bottom of the Scrub, I also dug out three roses that I continually manage to strim when working, I put them in a safer place so hope they grow-there's not a lot left of them but I took out a big rootball,

I also managed to paint my new obelisk-my last one! and its in place, Ian is to make me a little double gate for the scrub, I have Eileen's bed fairly cleared and have put in nine lupins and two big rhodos so at least its looking cleaner,When I finally get my new phone Ill be able to upload, In the meantime Ill use some old pics if you dont mind, Tomorrow I want to clean a border or two and rake some of the old leaves in the Scrub to help define my new paths.

Monty Don had 850 people at his talk in the Arboretum!!! at 25 Euro a head. No I wasnt there, I can get a very fine Rhodo for 25 Euro and can watch Monty on TV every Friday, I think Ill christen it Monty's Bush!

A nice sandwich-and how clever is cherub lute!

10 July 2017 23:57:23
Ive put in two prostrate junipers among the cobbles surrounding the ball fountain

Ive put in two prostrate junipers among the cobbles surrounding the ball fountain

The sandwich is simply that I had a nice beginning and end to my work today. I went over to Ian with my little sketch of the gate I am hoping he will make and though I told him I would not mind if it was too awkward he said it could be done and seemed a lot surer about  how to go  about it than I was. Then at the end of the day Cherub Lute suggested I cut back the edge of a path to make it a more uniform width all along. There was a biggish stone at the end and he thought it could be easily set in a bit further. I thought so too but in shifting it I found another very suitable one underneath! Now how did he know that. I was able to make a little corner with the stones that ends (or starts) the path nicely and I spread the clay I dug out to even up the other side of the path.

Now they were the sandwich breads if you like but the filling was a lot of digging and clearing in Eileen's bed. In my innocence I thought it would be a day's work but a week's is the truth. A lot of digging out unprofitable stuff and I got in the three euonymuses and two rhodos so they filled a bit of space. Incidentally some day lillies I planted in the bog are about to bloom. I never thought they would.

Had a nice swim as well so a good day's work.

Good luck to Hazel tomorrow!

08 July 2017 21:30:49

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Im nearly certain she is opening her garden for charity tomorrow. Every success.

Well I called into PC World and a very helpful young man managed to get the pictures from my phone to my laptop but when he tried again nothing happened so it seems as though I will have to upgrade my phone and then Im off again. I can however put up some phone pictures which I have not used so things aint too bad.

Spent a very tiring half day on Eileen’s bed lately. It had been neglected and ground elder was rife also a lot of straggly plants that I hadn’t the heart to uproot but this time I was ruthless!!! Am taking out anything that doesn’t really give a decent return. I have three big euonymus? And think they might give a bit of backbone to the bed and today I bought two large rhododendron in Glanbia which filled the boot! They were  gone over for this year so there was a bit off!-which was why I was able to have two! They are pink and early so should help to offset an over- abundance of yellow with the daffodils (Or easter bells as some nice German people down in a boat on the river informed me.) I ran them into Borris yesterday just to see the town and visit a pub-I didn’t join them as it was dinner time. But we were in Waterford last night and at the door when we came back was a box of very nice Lily Obrien chocolates with ‘Thank you for the taxi’ written on it. They had gone on upriver last night.

So the rhodos and euonymus might help to ground the bed. There are two more rhodos I have my eye on for my next visit!

Also my friend who makes my Obelisks has been asked to make me another! I just felt that theres a small step in the lower wall and if there were two obelisks they would enhance the step. So I shifted one closer to the other but now need to have one to replace that. Also Ian has offered me two gate posts .I already used one other to mark the end of a row of small roses-I was in danger of walking on and breaking them. They are lovely narrow square iron posts with a round ball on top and I visualise a tiny double gate hanging from them and framing a big step through hole in the wall. I kow its impossible to imagine without a photo. I find it hard to imagine myself! But Ian will know the best way to do it and it will be so beautiful down in the scrub that I cant wait! But Ill have to!

Such are the dreams of a very fallible gardener but often Nature gives us a little lift up and carries things to a higher level!  

This was the first cemetery mass since my Mam died (Last year) and my sister had organised the engraving on the stone, It was very simple and underneath the names was room for ‘Together may they rest in peace’ which was I though very beautiful. I did matching wreaths and will try to get them up to show you.In fact they were so matching I copied Dad's twice bymistake-sorry!

No up to date pictures yet

03 July 2017 21:42:53

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

The fact that I haven’t been on in a while doesn’t mean that Scrubber has been idle. No even today I was up at the crack, well a good bit after dawn! The weather was dry so I hared off down to the local metal yard-yes we have a very good one. I got some iron lengths and on the way home stopped at a convenient telephone pole! E.g. one that stood out a bit from the wall. I slipped a rod behind it and pretended to look like an Eir representative! Then I bent the rod-you need no strength to do this by the way. But I realised this didn’t give me a big enough ‘hoop’. On driving in the gate at home-no -through the gateway I noticed the pillar in the middle of the circle of walnut trees, Yes a bit bigger than the phone pole! I tried it. Perfect!

Next I stuck the rods into the lawn and was thus able to paint them very easily. While waiting for them to dry I scratched around the trees in the lawn and finished some mowing, hoping all the time the mower would hold out as it had recently cost me 70 euro for repairs,It did and I got the rest of the main lawn, the lower lawn and a lot of the Scrub done, Don’t worry, the Scrub is not prettified-just that the paths are a bit grassier. After lunch I went out and turned the rods upside down and painted the remaining six or seven inches. Then the rain came down heavily, But I had like Brodrick a ‘cunning plan’. Down into the Scrub again and cut and disposed of some large branches I had cleared a few days before.

Back up then and a beech at the edge of the lawn caught my attention-a branch hanging down that had died, That came out and then another and then another and then I was up into the tree-not very high though and sawing away goodoh! I think Cherub Lute was on a roll, When I had finished what had been a tangle of branches was now a shapely tree or so I like to think-Is there no end to the man’s conceit?

I only wish I had a camera-Have you seen the PRICES of cameras lately. But I could show you my shapely tree and you could judge- and the new paths and the roses and some reshaped beds and the day lilies and….. But I haven’t got one yet so that’s why I try to make up by describing what’s being done, even when it’s raining! Hope you are all also enjoying your gardens at this time.



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