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Scrubber's Journal

Scrubber's Journal October 2017

Last Post 84 days 13 hours ago

After seven long hours today

28 October 2017 22:35:17
Lord Buddha with hailstones last january

Lord Buddha with hailstones last january

Scrubber is quite exhausted. My good friend Jim cam over to help me clear the dead trees after the storm. Its easy enough to cut them down but the amount of twigs boughs leaves pine needles----that's the hard job. Also making the decision to cut or not to cut-there are a few now big gaps. But by six we had the place a bit back in order though it will take me many days more.

The other day i cleared the path down to the scrub and that cleaned up very well. And I also managed to add six to eight inches in height to a giant boulder by sloping in the ground towards it. So I was happy with that.I also put in four hellebores in Eileen's flowerbed and four dwarf salvias in the long border. I do seem to have put in a lot of plants for next year.

The guelder roses I put in were a success and the leaves are a colourful pink! Next year I hope to have lots more of the lovely red berries.

Glad tomorrow is Sunday. I shall just take a walk around the cleaned up areas and relax. Sorry I cant put up new pictures. the autumn colours are stunning but my 'new' laptop is banjaxed and this old one is not up to it so I can only put up old ones.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

18 October 2017 21:59:05

Autumn all around us

15 October 2017 15:07:34
Not this years hellebores!

Not this years hellebores!

Gorgeous colour from maples and viburnum and beech. Very busy yesterday. Decided that the new juniper was slightly smaller at the end of the line of five so I swapped it for another and put the taller at the end. That gave me a better line. Then  I planted five small pieris-four varieties- along a path in the scrub and I divided up the asters into 15 pieces and put them into Eileens bed and in the long border. Monty advised doing them in clumps like this. Then back and dug around the circle  of box and relaid the veryy narrow turves on the surface of one of the terraces. I also hauled up two wheelbarrow loads of clay and gunk from the drain excavation and spread that along the terrace to even it up. Its still very raw but I know it will settle and become grassy and the old concrete box is gone so the view from above is immeasurably improved. 

Sorry i cant show pics of same but will do when i get my laptop back. Meantime it looks  as though its batten down the hatches for Monday! I might get the study tidied!

I thought I'd have to give up for a while

13 October 2017 17:51:43
Cant put up latest pictures but Micilin D offered to 'shtand in'

Cant put up latest pictures but Micilin D offered to 'shtand in'

as my laptop is back again in IT Hospital!!!But I resurrected my old lap top and apart from the factthat like meself it takes AGES to get going, it seems to be working. I cant manage the phos on it though.

Well exciting days! Donal did the drain and I flatter myself i was of some help and the following monday I began to fill in the gaping hole left when he  demolished the cumbersome concrete box that wasnt needed at all. This would have left me with a far better terrace but there wasnt  enough in the concrete blocks to fill in the holes. BUT when Scrubber was up at the local garage he noticed a lot of rubble and many rough concrete blocks there. And the owner very kindly allowed me to take as many as I wanted. So the hole was filled in and is solid and can be overlaid with turf!

Now yesterday Scrubber was in Glanbia and he had had his beady eye on some asters for a few weeks and some pieris that were perhaps struggling and so he purchased-to save them the embarrassment of being left on the shelf! Pure altruism!

There was a lineof Juniper skyrocket on that terrace and now that it was extended it could take one more! On the way home from kilkenny I called into Flower power. No sign of Juniper-thuyas in abundance at about 22 euro each. Was at the point of giving up when I saw a clump of Juniper skyrockets  32E 50 each. There was one slightly bedraggled one which was small and needed love. So I carried into the shop and asked Pat what he wanted for this very miserable specimen. He knew what I was up to but graciously let me have it for ten!

I got it home and it fits in beautifully and will be planted tomorrow along with the asters and the Pieris. I may have to shift one tree back to get the alignment right but they are only in, a year or two, so it should shift easily enough. Happy Days. and if I divided the asters into two......

He's at it AGAIN!!!

09 October 2017 21:28:45
Liquidamber tree-to remember Anna's brother and planted by his grandchildren two years ago

Liquidamber tree-to remember Anna's brother and planted by his grandchildren two years ago

Shouted a panicky cherub Cymbals to Cherub Lute. 'Mr Scrubber is shifting a huge rock-and you know what he did last time-and he said he would reconsider -and he's going to hurt.....' Cherub Lute smiled and said soothingly 'I know I know but relax dear friend. All he actually has to do is to roll out that rock.And it is quite rollable. Then dig out about a foot of earth. And then roll back the rock and perhaps-if he notices- turn it the other way'. There's no huge effort involved and I know he will be careful and if he remembers to use the crowbar to edge it in it will be all done very easily'. Cherub Cymbals was a little less worried at this and it happened exactly as Cherub Lute suggested. The rock rolled. It was easy to dig out the hole a foot deeper. Then Scrubber realised (or thought he did)-that it would suit far better turned the other way and the crowbar worked a dream. Now the big rock that was a little awkwardly stuck into the grassy slope by the steps, actually contacts with the bottom step and makes a fine turning point towards the path down into the Scrub. Thank you Cherub Lute!

Scrubber also got some strimming done especially around the tree where he planted the box. Speaking of which, he wasnt 100% satisfied with the line of his other box hedge and took out five box plants-great roots after two years and replanted them slightly back and it works. Later this evening he got a good bit of mowing done.

Earlier in the day he thought the rain would spoil today as Donal was coming to work on the drain going into the septic tank. yes believe it or not these mundane things are also in the Scrub! There was a  concrete chamber that led the drains into the actual tank and it was beginning to give trouble. Without going into too much detail it was replaced by a much more efficient and simpler piping system and the ugly block structure was demolished. The good news is that Scrubber can now fill in around the pipe with the excavated clay and the debris and can extend the terrace line into Elizabeth's corner and it will look 100 times better. Theres a lot of work to be done but ill do it little by little and it was great to have it done before winter set in.

Today was vintage Autumn, damp, not a bit cold, leaves swirling down and a real sense of the beginning of the end of the year. The grass doesnt seem to realise its over though. I feel that years ago one stoppped mowing in late October and didnt start until late february-now its ongoing. And guess what as I moved some leaf litter I saw the crowns of snowdrops peeping up! Theres also a primula florindae out in the bog and thats surely out of season!



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