boundary plant

marian odriscoll asked 14 years ago

gerry, i am looking for a plant to put on boundary wall between me& neighbours for privacy. About 12 tall, maybe 3 or 4 wide but not “deep” at all,not to take up space in my garden or grow into neighbours -ideally as if I was able to build up the wall to about 12 feet in one section! Someone said to me, bamboo? If so what type? Also my whole garden is paved, I wouldn’t want something with roots that would push up the slabs. Any ideas? Many thanks. Marian

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Building up the wall to 12 feet is probably not an option or a safe option but using trellis might be because it has relativley little weight and it is instant, whereas you will have to wait for plants to grow.

Bamboos might be a possibility if the ground is reasonable and it is not too windy. To grow a tree to 12 feet will take a few years but candidates would be pittosporum, griselinia, garrya and olearia, all evergreen. To keep them narrow, just clip them like a hedge.