Country Garden Design

Marian Kitson asked 13 years ago

I am starting a new garden in our newly built home. For planning we had to position the house to the rear of the site, leaving a very large front garden. Space to the back is limited. Total area 1 acre approx… including house. Fabulous views on an elavated site. Problem…I need to create shelter without blocking scenery. Problem…the site is quite elavated and I need someone to advise me on earth movement to get good levels…I want a very rustic, habitat friendly garden and don’t know where I can find a landscaper that is sympathetic to the site. Problem….don’t have a large budget. Full of problems!! Any suggestions welcome.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
A wide uniterrupted view can actually be improved by the careful placement of some blocks of trees, allowing views through to the distance. These blocks can also help with shelter.

A gardenof one acre can easily take one third or even a half the area planted to trees and these will form the structure and areas of garden.

Every garden needs a private area near the house. Usually this is at the back but can be to the side if this is not possible.

You need to get some competent professional design advice. Try