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joanne fraher asked 14 years ago

i have moved into my mother and father in laws house, i want to get rid of their overgrown garden and start a garden of my own but dont know what or how to do any gardening, i think would like to grow some fruit trees and bushes, as well as some nice easy plants and flowers, we are in the middle of cutting away the palm trees eventually, however we are planning on planting a beech hedge at the back of the trees, as there is a piggery about 30 feet from the house, the part of the garden is east facing so when we eventually take away the final row there will be something there, we will eventually will be renovating the house into a story and a half. please help me, i have some more pictures on my own page. please help as i have my moter in law telling me to do this and that to her bushes and i hate them

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The first thing to do is to get agreement on what you want to do, so it is clear.

The cypresses should be taken out completely before planting the beech hedge because the young beech plants will not grow well in competition with the cypresses.

Decide on all other shrubs and trees to retain and remove all the others. When you have a clean slate you can begin to choose plants to suit the soil and site conditions and to your preference. There is a selection of plants in our Plant finder at