Logged water in garden

Stephanie McNamee asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry, We moved into our new home over two years ago now, and we noticed a problem with our back garden immediately. We noticed that there is no soakage of water at all. All the water sits on the top of the grass and there is a slant coming right down to the back door. So all the water lodges at the top of the garden right at the back door. We were thinking of taking out the first quarter of the garden and filling it with gravel, would this be the right move? We want to be able to let our dogs run around it as well without being up to there neck in mud. How would you prepare the ground for such a job?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Many new houses have trouble with drainage, which is usually caused by compaction due to heavy machinery on the site during construction. The compaction is not broken up when the machines are finished.

It might be possible for you to dig a soakaway that will take the water off the surface of the soil and allow it to dissipate slowly into the soil. There is more information on this at: https://gardenie.wpengine.com/gerrycategory/drainage/?id=5414