Planting bearded irisis in a container

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Hannah Flynn asked 13 years ago

Hi, I’m looking for some help please! I have a large mature garden but there are just a few areas which receive the sun for the whole day, but my main limitation is that we will be extending our house and don’t know exactly how this will affect our garden yet. I will be receiving some bearded iris bulbs soon and feel it may be best to plant them in a container for next years’ flowering, until I know where they can permanently reside in the future -around this time next year. I was thinking of building (well my husband will be doing that bit!) something like a raised bed, (??) but I don’t know how deep the roots grow to know what depth of soil it needs to be able to hold? If you can advise me it will be great! Kind Regards, Hannah

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
There are lots of plants that do not need sunshine all day.  Check out our Plant finder. Bearded irises however do best in sunshine. Plant them in the ground … they can always be moved.

 Raised beds are fine as a decorative feature and they raise the plants closer to the viewer, but they are not a substitute for the open soil. If you are planning to set these up on an existign concrete, or similar, surface, it is better to simply remove the base, fill with soil and plant at ground level, or if you want raised beds set them up with access to the open soil … much less trouble.