Tips to cover oil tank

Yvonne Morris asked 13 years ago

Recently moved into new home, we’ve a big back garden with just an oil tank at the rear left of garden. New to gardening and need all your advice and tips on best way to cover the oil tank with shrubs / plants and to sustain same. Would like it to be covered all year round and would appreciate all your suggestions.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Although it seems like a big thing to do, an oil tank can be moved, if you think there is a better location. If not, you can plant it front of it, as you have space.

Choose a broadleaved evergreen hedge such as laurel, olearia, pittsoporum or holly. Allow it to grow big enough to hide the object. Other decorative shrubs of choice can be planted in front of the hedging if you wish.

It might also be possible to locate other awkward items, such as compost area, storage area behind the screen too.