very wet lawn

Patricia Maher asked 13 years ago

Our garden is 3yrs old and was professional landscaped 2 yrs ago. The problem I’m having is that the lawn is very wet and never seems to dry out. In one corner after heavy rain a pond forms and last for days. What is the best way to tackle this problem and improve drainage. I’ve been advised that I need to put in french drains which is quite expensive Is there anything I can do myself without having to get the professionals in ?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This sounds like a drainage problem that was not addressed before the work took place. It may be poor natural drainage or impeded drainage caused by compaction due to machinery damage to the soil.

It is possible to address a drainage problem after work is done, but it is more difficult to do so because machinery can cause damage. A lot can be achieved with a hand-dug drain putting in land drainage pipes and crushed stone. French drains are an old technique used before clay or plastic land drainage pipes were available, or if these could not be affored.

For land drainage to work there must be an outfall into a ditch, stream or lower ground, or over a small area, a sump.You cannot release water onto neighbour’s property.  There is more inforamtion on drainage at:

If it is mainly due to compaction, the problem will lessen over time, but it can take years.