Windy site but lovely view

Bernadette Morrissey asked 13 years ago

I am just about to dive into the world of growing my own food. Having done it at home as a child I know how much work is involved. However, the difference is I dont have the ould lad living here with me to tell me what to do so I have a lot to learn.I got myself a book ‘allotment month by month’ which seems very good but it leaves one big question for me…40971My site is a good size and I get sunshine all day long which is great but I am elevated, sloped and VERY exposed to wind. So much so that I wouldnt feel confident in erecting a grenhouse or tunnel (the wind blew down my argos shed!).Do you have any advice on how I could protect my plants from wind or any way i could build a wind resistant greenhouse/tunnel without compromising the view I have (the view is one of the main reasons I built my house here)

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
An exposed site needs some shelter of trees or hedges. Vegetables grow much better with some shelter because air temperatures are higher.

When it comes to siting any structure, tthe trick id to pick the least noticaeable spots.

A panoramic view looks the same all the time and can become boring.

It can be enhanced and made more intriguing by framing the best parts of the view with trees and shrubs, at the same time giving the shelter needed.