builders have ruined lawn

lorraine jeffers asked 15 years ago

we have builders in at the moment extending our patio it will be lovely but they have made the garden a mess in a few words no more grass its all lumpy and humpy how do we get it back into shape we are only garden novices weve a lot too learn

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
If the lawn has been messed up, it should be up to the builders to restore it and that should have been itemised as part of the construction costs. If it was not, they can say it’s not their problem.

At the very least it needs to have the humps and hollows levelled off and re-seeded. If it is very disrupted, you will need to spray it off with Roundup, cultivate it by digging or with a rotavator, allow it to settle, rake it level and re-sow.