Creating a wild area for kids

Fiona Joyce asked 13 years ago

I was thinking of creating a wild play area for kids in the garden (about 5m X 30m); maybe put a climbing frame one end, add some hills and leave it to go wild. I’m wondering however if it will need to be maintained at some stages, cut back etc, to prevent unwanted rodents from making their homes (i.e. so needing tractor access). Is my plan to put play area and wild area together a little naive? I’m imagining Little House on the Prarie with Laura Ingles running through long grass – not an area with rotten grass overrun with rats. Can it be done?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is certainly possible to provide a natural play area, many gardens approximate to this already.

Make a simple map. Select the features you want and then place them on the map to see how they will relate to each other.

A key aspect to keep in mind is access, so that some central area and paths are defined and these can be roughed in on that map. These areas need to be kept clear by mowing or strimming occasionally. Have a little sit-down area for picnics. 

The rest can be left ot go a bit more wild with plenty of trees and shrubs, bird boxes. logpile and other features to encourage wildlife. Lots of trees and shrubs offer hiding places, and mysterious corner to explore.

Do not worry, it will not atracts rodents if there is no food scraps or waste left lying about.