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mary flood asked 16 years ago


thank you for your response to my question on beech hedge I am helping plant pots for a restaurant courtyard. The restaurant will be opened in may I would appreciate if you could advise on possible combinations using what is currently in flower Any suggestions on unusual looking plants/flowers to include welcome.


Mary Flood

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is difficult to be prescriptive because the solution would depend on the number, size and deployment of the pots and their relationship to the space, also growing conditions and budget. But in general, choose one or two permanent plants, such as clipped box or bay, or a spiky plant, and add some annual flowers.

May is a tricky time because the spring bedding is finishing and the summer material is only coming on. But it needs to be there for the summer, so use summer material. Choice will depend on what is available locally, but choose colour to complement, or contrast with, the exisitng colour scheme of the building and surroundings.