New Garden – Help I’m a complete novice!!

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Jo Moyles asked 13 years ago

We have a brand new garden and have an area approx 6mx6m that I want with plants/shrubs of some kind in.I want Zero Maintenance if possible but want it to have some colour and look nice, I was going to put a weed block down with bark on top in between the plants. I live in Mayo so we have a lot of rain, and I’m on an elevated site so it can get very windy, the soil has a lot of clay in it.I would be extremely grateful for some ideas of what to plant.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
An area of 6 metres by 6 metres, could accommodate a tree, such as a sorbus that would withstand wind. Or you could plant a trio of trees.

With that you could try shrubs such as potentilla, forsythia, hypericum, flowering currant , mahonia, spirea and viburnum.

Flowers such astlibe, bergenia, hosta, brunnera, phormium and filipendula could be used to bring some colour.

Bark mulch is not a good idea on heavy soil as it makes the soil too wet and plant roots rot. It is a small area and easily hoed until the plants grow big enough to shade out weeds.

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