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sonya duffy asked 13 years ago

I got my garden landscaped nearly 4 years ago, but some of the plants dont really suit the garden as they are too big….its a medium size garden, one corner of the garden is shaded and damp…what should i grow there…alot of plants died in the frost so im ready for new plants……i need help to brighten it up.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Any garden changes as time passes and some plants will outgrow their space, or die off. Shrubs that are obviously too large should be removed and ones of more suitable size planted instead. If plants die, suitable replacements are needed.

There are plants for every situation and soil type, fewer for the more difficult conditions and more for good conditions. Choose plants that are suited to site and soil, and to your own preference. There is a list of plants in our plant directory at: and you can search according to type, size, season and conditions.

Make an initial list of choices and then visit garden centres and choose the ones you like best.