North facing back garden

Paula Linehan asked 13 years ago

HI Gerry, just bought a new house in Kilcoole. Back garden is northfacing and I have built a shed & open roofed area across back wall. garden is small but slopes towards house. What would be the best design & plants for this garden? I do have 2 stella cherry trees, 1 Hazelnut tree, hydranga x 2 and a number of others, what would be the best locations for these?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You might try to grow the ‘Stella’ cherries agains the walls as trianed trees … it is possible to grow fruiting cherries in this way and they take up very little room.

The hazelnut can be placed ina corner where some its bulk can over hang the space outside the walls. I can also be pruned, or coppiced, to keep it manageable. The hydrangeas can also be thinned out each year after the firs few years to keep them small and they cna be planted in relativley shady places.

More on plant requirements at: