plants for a sloping bank

Mary McMahon asked 13 years ago

Hi GerryI have a sloping bank at the back of my house with a wet corner at one end. Can you recomend plants that are easy to maintain. I will be mulching between the plants. Are there are pictures of landscapped slopes that are mature. Sometimes it nice to see what the effect will look like in a few yearsWhat would you think of dogwood (red and yellow). Is this a hard plant to maintain.The effect of this plant in winter is nice.Mary

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
A bank can be planted with any kind of trees and shrubs … it is not necessary to use low ground-hugging plants. In fact, these do not disguise the bank but simply cover it. Use a mixture of shrubs of your choice, perhaps batches of low ones, some groups of taller ones and some trees to give height to the whole arrangement.

The dogwoods are fine for the wet spot, use others elsewhere…. and remember any kind can be used. 

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