preparing a bed(s) from scratch

Anne McLoughlin asked 9 years ago
a lot of the garden is covered with grass, as high as 3 foot. I think I get the strimmer & cut the grass to the butt. Do I then take the top layer off before rotavating the soil or do I just start rotavating? Can I start now in the summer? I have help now that the lads are home from college. I won’t have it after August and I can’t manage it myself. I want to sow foxgloves and lupins to start with & then create another bed for roses & peonies. I have a lot of perennials in tubs & it seems a waste to let the garden go to seed so to speak when the ground could be utilised much better. There is a lot of garden gone to seed (best part of an acre) with trees (mostly apple) dotted around.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Cut the tall grass down and take it away to the compost heap.

Cover the soil in the area with black polythene until the weeds are dead and then plant into the ground. There is no need to rotovate.

 Or use Roundup to do the same thing, waiting 2 weeks to ensure all grass is dead. Again, plant directy into the dead sod.