Running cost of pump for stream

liam griffin asked 13 years ago

Hello gerry, i have a split-level garden at the back of my house with ten foot in the difference of the two. I have plans for a patio with a stream for the top section cascading down into a pond in the bottom garden but was wondering what are the costs of running such a set up ,are these pumps heavy on electricity as I have to pump the water 12 feet up vertically from the pond and a further 12 feet across to the starting point of the stream. BACKYARD

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It all depends on how much water you want to move and pond pumps are all rated as to the amount of electriicty they use. The ‘head’ of water you want to pump against is not that high, nor is the distance involved great.

 If you want a significant amount of water, it will cost more. Submersible pond pumps are rated from a few watts to about 2 kilowatts. 2 Kw delivers a lot of water, but if you have a back garden, you probably only need about 150  to 200 litres per minute to make a waterfall 600 mm wide.

 Such a pump would be rated at about 200 watts or one-fifth of a kilowatt, and at current price of about 15 cent per Kw, it would cost 3 cent per hour to run, or about €5 per week round the clock.