Should we kill the grass before laying fleece?

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Ray Dunford asked 13 years ago

My father is eldery and has decided to lay stone chips down on the grass to save him having to cut the grass in the future. The level of the grass in terms of the pathway is low enough that we don’t have to take off the top layer of grass. QUE: Should we kill the grass before we lay the horticultural fleece and if so, what should we use? It would be the intention in the Spring to cut holes in the fleece and plant shrubs.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Gravel is best laid on weed control fabric, such as Plantex or the heavier Mypex, and if a sufficient layer of gravel is laid, more than 5cm, the combination of fabric and the weight of the gravel will kill and keep weeds down. In the unlikley event that anything pushes through, you can spot-treat with Roundup, or spray with Roundup before the fabric is laid.