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Mary Keane asked 14 years ago

I’ve spent weeks strimming and weeding a big area that will eventually be covered with weed barrier/stones, but until that day I just want the area kept clear of weeds/grass. After clearing it, I sprayed with Roundup, but when new weeds/grass started growing, I found out that Roundup only kills active plants. I read somewhere that Pathclear prevents germination for up to 3 months, so a week ago I resprayed the area with Pathclear, but weeds/grass haven’t died off yet. Am I using the wrong weedkiller? I measured the water correctly so had the right mix.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
If you have decided to use weedkiller, the choice of weedkiller to use depends on the final use of the area of ground. Roundup is fine for a quick clearup and then plant the area with the lawn or plants that you want.

For areas of paving, you can use path weedkillers, which are all similar and usually have the same active ingredient as Roundup, along with residual weedkillers. These can affect plant growth.

If you are planning to cover an area with weed-barrier material and gravel, you can use path weedkillers if there will be no plants. But be aware that gravel is not the final no-effort solution as debris and leaves will blow onto it and unless it is occasionally raked clean, the debris will built up to the extent that weeds and grass will grow on top of, and between, the gravel. It is a less-effort solution. The almost-no-effort solution is to plant trees.