Problems with pond.

Danny Kelly asked 14 years ago

Pond, 3mx3mx.45M deep, southwest facing, sunny, has ‘Laguna’ filter and UV treatment fitted nevertheless pond always like pea soup. Water plants doing badly, nothing really growing. Pond fed by rainwater off house roof. Frogs seem happy though. Any suggestions on what is wrong?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
A sunny pond will have more algae. Rainwater from the roof helps to clear out nutrients from the water, which is why the algae grow,

It might be possible that the filter is too small for the pond and/or the UV lamp is not working properly, as both of these can help a lot.

If you have a lot of fish, and do a lot of feeding, it increases nutrients and algal bloom.

Increase the cover of the water with plants, as this reduces light to algae and the plants use up nutrients.

The removal of excessive plant material in late summer, removes nutrients each time. The pond bottom should have some mud and gravel as this absorbs nutrients.