Soil after digging out pond

Marie Casey asked 14 years ago

After making a large pond, I have a lot of soil left (some poor, some topsoil) and would like to use it in our 3/4 acre garden. The back garden is a long rectangle with pond (near house), veg. plots, flower beds but plenty of available space. Any ideas on incorporating this into the landscape of the garden, which is very level and has a great view to the mountains?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The spoil from excavating a pond can either be taken off site and dumped or it can be used in the garden to fill hollows or to make raised areas.

Raised borders can rise from front to back and can be a way of displaying plants better as well as giving them a greater depth of soil. Or you might have some area that would benefit from having a mound of earth.

Ideally the top soil should have been separated from the subsoil and the top soil put back on top of the re-located subsoil.