Acer palmatum losing its leaves early

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Ui Bhroin asked 9 years ago

Acer Palmatum. Roughly 20 years old. Last 2 yrs. has lost leaves early and now has lots of dead twiglike branches. Was told to leave it last year and feed it in spring. Situation is bad now. Fungus was mentioned as the cause. There is also a False Acacia near with the same problem and on BBC Gardening same tree with film was shown. Fungus was given as reason. Is this the same for the Maple and is there any hope?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Dieback on any tree is not a good sign. There are various reasons for leaf shedding and dieback … root disturbance, too high water table and fungal attack being the main ones.

Disturbance of the root system and damage is obvious and the tree will often recover.

A high water table or very wet ground in winter can cause severe damage and death of most trees. Drainage can solve the problem if this is the cause.

Fungal diseases, such as honey fungus or phytophthora, can damge the root system and the top may dieback partially or completely. Acer is also prone to coral spot fungus on the branches. Sometimes trees recover from a fungal attack but there is no remedy for these diseases. A mulch of organic material may assist the tree in fighting off the fungal atack.