Advice on how to kill off 100 poplar stumps?

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Liz Flanagan asked 11 years ago

We had approx. 100 poplar trees cut down at our front entrance (I didn’t plant them, just inherited them!), as they were sending roots and shoots everywhere, including under the neighbours’ drives. We need to ensure that these are fully gone and that any shoots are killed off, as they are coming back. I’ve checked with the local co-op and they said that Rootout! is no longer available for sale. As we have so many, how would advise handling this situation?Also, once they are sorted, I would like to plant some type of groundcover (as well as ornamental trees, bulbs and plants) to avoid dealing with grass, as our entrance is 1/2 mile from the house and it’s not practical to haul the lawnmower back and forth. What type of groundcover would be best? It’s quite a large area, roughly 100 yards x 10 yards, each side.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Tree stumps can be kille dby drilling holes with a 10mm bit every 10cm to 15cm of stump circumference and placing 5ml of neat Roundup in each hole … this will kill the roots and suckers.

At a half-mile from the house, you should plant a garden woodland with smaller species, such as birch, hazel and holly. More on this at:

You could use ivy as ground cover or let mosses and ferns take over, or plant a few hundred bulbs for spring. And simply cut the vegetation back a couple of times a year with a brushcutter, but do not damage the young trees.