Aerating my lawns

noel traynor asked 12 years ago
I treated for moss and scarified my lawns in October but before they had a chance to reestablish we had tradesmen tramping all over them for weeks. It is such a sorry sight I bought a hollow tine aerator to try help revive it but dont know at what distance to use the gadget. Can I put the little cores into my compost?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Hollow tine aeration is really for golf greens and very high amenity lawns. If you take out a lot of cores, it makes a large amount of material and you have to put back quite a lot of sand to fill the cores, or leave thme unfilled. If you are doing aeration, do only the minimal amount.

The grass will perk up in spring without any aeration. Just feed with a spring lawn feed in March.

The cores can be stacked in a heap covered with a sheet of black polythene to kill the grass and they will break down to make excellent soil for potting.