Allotment veg – advice

Bob Nixon asked 13 years ago
Hi Gerry, I recently got an allotment in north county dublin. Good soil and location. My issue is that I am going to be very time poor this year but will have plenty of time next year. I want to plant veg now but those that require the least amount of maintenance i.e. no salads for now. I think maybe late spuds, carrots, leeks later but I’m not sure. What crops would you recommend planting right now to get me going ? Many thanks, Bob

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is late to start vege in any case, best in spring, but you could do some lettuce, radish, peas, carrots, white turnips, french beans, winter cabbage, spring broccoli sown by the end of May.

Althernatively you could concentrate for this summer on having the ground is perfect condition and weed-free for next year. You can cover the ground with old carpet or black polythene to kill weeds, or spray with Roundup. Dig the soil and sow a crop of green manure, digging this in in late autumn or winter.