Ants in potted peach tree

Michael Glynn asked 5 years ago
I dug up a peach tree from the open garden last year as I was fed up with leaf curl every year. I potted it in a large container and moved it to a polytunnel where it has thrived, flowering for the first time this Spring and currently carrying a half dozen small fruit. Recently, however, I have discovered a colony of ants living in the rootball with dozens of tunnel holes in the compost. I am perfectly prepared to leave these creatures there, but my question is will their tunneling have any effect of the root system of the peach? And as the fruit swell and ripen will they be attracted by them? If I need to, is there a friendly way to persuade them to vacate the pot? I had a two-day invasion of flying ants in the polytunnel last Autumn. Could these be offspring?