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Dunshaughlin asked 13 years ago

My lawn is about 3/4 acre in total. Grass growth has been weak in many parts and a lot of moss has appeared throughout large parts of the lawn, particularly since last summer. I applied sulphate of iron at about 7.5g per sqm last week and will be scarifying the worst affected mossy areas this weekend to clear out the black moss. I was then intending applying some fertilzer and overseeding areas with poor grass growth. With the size of area to cover, I have just bought some general 18-6-12 fertilizer from a farm co-op. At what rate should I be applying the fertilizer and how long afterwards should I wait to spread new grass seed ?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
While it is beneficial to remove dead moss, it is not essential, especially over a large area, as it is a lt of work. Leave it in place to rot down and feed the grass to boost it. You could over-sow about one month after the sulphate of iron and a week or so after fertiliser.

Apply no more than 30g per square metre, which is just over two bags on 3/4 acres, about 90kg over 3,000 square metres

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