are ice plants killed by ice

gregory ellis asked 13 years ago

Planted loads of ice plants from cuttings over the past couple of years (small succulent looking leaves, purple flower)… all taking off nicely as ground cover. However, the recent cold makes them look very dead! Will they recover in the spring? Can you suggest alternative low ground cover for S facing slope, lots of sun, pretty free draining (if it doesn’t rain every day like last summer!. I have small polygonum knotweed which is great but would like some good alternatives that are just as robust and all year rounders.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
These sound like Sedum spectabile, which is called ice plant. It has just died back for winter and will re-sprout at the base in spring.

Other rock garden plants for a dry slope could include: helianthemum, small cistus, lampranthus, small euphorbia, small hypericum, New Zealand burr, armeria, echeveria, sedum, saxifrage, dianthus, aubrieta and erigeron.