Are my Geraniums dying?

John F Murphy asked 12 years ago

I replaced my outdoor Geranium which was killed by last years frost. My new ones thrived and bloomed all summer in a large pot outside my back patio door. In order to prevent a recurrance of last years disaster, I recently brought the pot into the kitchen and placed it beside the French Door window. Now, two weeks later, the plant is looking poorly, although the soil in the pot is moist (I water it weekly). I live in Roscrea and notice a neighbours potted Geranium is blooming in her front porch, which is protected with a glass door. I do not have a glasshouse.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Geraniums like plenty of light and they also like well-drained soil. It is likely that your plants are not getting enough light and are too wet at the root. Although them to almost dry out before watering again and try to give more light.